Carlin Q. Williams: Prince's Possible 'Son And Heir' Raps About Killing The Music Icon

Anne Sewell

Carlin Q. Williams might want Prince's money, but judging by the lyrics of his rap music he has no love for his famous "dad."

As reported on the Inquisitr earlier in the week, the first paternity suit lodged against the music icon's estate came in the form of Marsha Henson's claim that Prince fathered her 39-year-old son, Carlin Q. Williams.

Williams, who is currently incarcerated in federal prison in Colorado for weapons transport, is demanding a DNA test to prove Prince's paternity. No will has yet been found and the claim came in just days after a court ordered DNA testing of a vial of Prince's blood in anticipation of such potential paternity claims against the estate.

— Anne King (@inthemedia1) May 10, 2016

As reported by The Daily Beast, the man claiming to be Prince's son is a violent felon and also a rapper and they uncovered a rap track where Williams raps about killing his famous "father."

As recently reported, Williams goes by the name "Prince of Darkness," but he also goes by the hip-hop moniker Prince Dracula. He also refers to himself as the "Son of Prince" on his Facebook page and on rap websites and has reportedly referred to The Purple One as his father in song for years.

— The Daily Beast (@thedailybeast) May 12, 2016

It is unclear when the songs were published on ReverbNation, but according to The Daily Beast, a relative named Yng Henson posted links on Facebook to Prince Dracula's music back in 2013 with a photo of Williams clearly displayed.

The song "slo life" includes the words, "I'm a maniac / I stare Prince in his tits / And I stop his nerves from jumping / I just cut him to bits."

Further lyrics read, "Now could you imagine killing the man who brought you into this life?"

The chorus is pretty telling, too, as the lyrics read: "Why did my father sell his soul to the devil for fame? Change his name, start doing drugs, till he seen some Purple Rain…"

Reportedly Williams is being represented in his paternity suit by one of Prince's former lawyers, Patrick Cousins. A representative for Cousins said that Williams had contacted the firm years before Prince's death, hoping to get in touch, but Cousin's apparently "blew it off at the time."

Should Williams be successful in his suit, he would stand to inherit everything, including the Paisley Park estate, Prince's vault full of unreleased material, his music catalogue and recording studio, all valued at around $300 million.

This would leave Prince's full biological sister, Tyka Nelson and his many half-siblings with nothing and reportedly the family relied on their famous sibling for housing and allowances in the past.

As reported by the Daily Mail, Carlin Q. Williams has a murky past, starting with his first arrest when he was 25 for trafficking crack cocaine. At the age of 31, he violated an order of protection, forced his way into a woman's home and assaulted her and later resisted arrest. In their report they show a series of mugshots taken over the years for many other criminal incidents.

Meanwhile Williams resides in the high-security Florence, Colorado, prison on a federal weapons charge and is due for release in 2020, obviously hoping to be a rich man once he's free.

Meanwhile, in more heartwarming news on the Inquisitr, while the family has not yet set a date for a memorial service for Prince, his two former wives Manuela Testolini and Mayte Garcia, held a private and exclusive service of their own on Wednesday evening with a host of the music icon's friends and people in the music industry there to celebrate The Purple One's life.

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