Affluenza Teen’s Parents Stuck State Of Texas With Ethan Couch’s Rehab Bill Of $200,000

Ethan Couch parents stuclk taxpayers with rehab bill

It’s starting to sound like Tonya and Fred Couch pulled an even bigger con than people thought on the people of Texas in an attempt to keep “Affluenza” teen Ethan Couch out of prison. The Couch family argued that their extreme wealth caused Ethan Couch not to understand rules, boundaries, and right from wrong, while at the same time, they were crying poverty in court documents, claiming that they could not afford to pay for the rehab for Ethan Couch, which was found to be less than successful.

According to the Inquisitr, the entire Couch family is finally having to pay for their crimes and misdeeds against society, at least in a small way, as Fred Couch has found himself under investigation for domestic violence, Tonya Couch is under house arrest for spiriting son Ethan Couch to Mexico to avoid punishment, and Ethan Couch is behind bars for the next few years, doing time for violating probation in the death and injury of several people when he was drunk, drugged, and driving.

The New York Daily News is asking questions about why the Couch family was not found to be financially responsible for the rehab of Ethan Couch. Ethan Couch has a substance abuse rehab bill of almost $200,000, which the Couch family claims they cannot pay, and so the bill will have to be paid by Texas taxpayers.

Documents in the Ft. Worth, Texas, court system found that Tonya and Fred Couch were financially unable to pay for the rehab that Ethan Couch attended, following the drunk driving deaths he caused. The rehab program was $700-per-day, and the Couch family did not make it clear that they were unable to pay until Couch had completed the program.

Fred and Tonya Couch paid just over $11,000 total for the rehab of their son, Ethan Couch, while the state of Texas paid just over $188,000 in total. Currently, both Tonya Couch and Ethan Couch are claiming some level of financial hardship in their current Texas court cases.

The Daily Mail said that Ethan Couch benefited from taxpayer-funded health care and rehab, despite the fact that the court thought that extreme wealth caused affluenza in Ethan Couch.

Couch, who killed four people, and injured nine, went on the run to Mexico shortly after finishing the rehab paid for by the taxpayers of Texas. After Couch left residential rehab, he still had to complete outpatient rehab, but oddly, Fred and Tonya Couch were able to pay for that expense, after claiming that they were broke.

After Tonya and Ethan Couch went on the run to Mexico, they had over $30,000 in cash, and were spending over $2,000 a night at a Mexican resort, where Ethan Couch went drinking, and paid for strippers as entertainment.

Ethan Couch has been moved to an adult prison, where he will serve approximately four years before being released once again on probation, while mother Tonya Couch is facing 10 years in prison for taking her now-adult son, Ethan Couch, on the run to Mexico to avoid punishment for violating his juvenile probation, after being filmed playing beer pong with friends.

Do you think that the state of Texas should sue the Couch family to try and recover some of the money that went to pay for rehab for Ethan Couch?

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