‘Bates Motel’ Season 4 Finale: Is There A Chance Norma’s Still Alive?

Bates Motel Season 4 finale.

The Bates Motel Season 4 finale airs in just a few days. Is there a chance Norma is still alive? Although things look pretty bad, at this point, stranger things have happened — especially on TV. Hopefully, the mystery will be solved on May 16, as opposed to dragging it out to the first episode of Season 5. If you happen to be a die-hard fan, it’s going to be a long weekend!

Unfortunately, the synopsis for the upcoming episode of Bates Motel, simply entitled “Norman,” doesn’t give viewers much information. In fact, it’s eerily cryptic. To say A&E isn’t giving away much information this week is an understatement.

The details are short and sweet, according to International Business Times. Someone in White Pine Bay is going to plan a “special event” for Norma. Taking into account last week’s episode, it could either be a “welcome home from the hospital” party or a funeral. A third and more twisted possibility might even center around Norman planning an event for his dead mother and carrying the whole thing out in his head.

In addition, Sheriff Romero is going to be under pressure again this week. If you remember correctly, in Episode 9 of Bates Motel, Rebecca wasn’t at all successful getting him to confess his role in Bob Paris’ death. So, no one knows if this added pressure will stem from poor Bob’s demise or has something to do with Norma’s condition.

When Dylan left Bates Motel and drove off into the sunset last week, it seemed as though he didn’t plan on coming back. However, the cryptic synopsis indicates he’s going to think about “reaching out” to Norman. What a good brother! Because Norma refused to tell him the truth about Emma’s mother’s earring, things didn’t end well between them. Will they ever get the chance to mend fences? It’s not looking good, is it?

One thing is for sure. Episode 10 is going to start right where Episode 9 left off. There won’t be a “time jump” like you’re probably used to.

If you have questions you’ve always wanted to ask the Bates Motel showrunners, Carlton Cuse and Kerry Ehrin, you’ll get the chance Monday afternoon at 2 p.m. Simply head over to the Bates Motel Facebook page, where they’re hosting a live Q&A session. Very cool, don’t you think?

Social networks are still buzzing about the way Episode 9 of Bates Motel ended. As recently reported by the Inquisitr, Kerry Ehrin explained how the decision was made to kill Norma off. This is what she had to say.

It was very much born out of the characters. We asked, ‘In what possible circumstance would Norman ever hurt Norma or kill her?’ And what we really love about it is that he is actually trying to fix things for them in the only way he can think of. How he goes about that is in the most gentle way possible.”

What do you think is going to happen in the Bates Motel Season 4 finale? Do you think it’s possible Norma survived, even after Sheriff Romero couldn’t revive her? If his mother is dead, do you think it will send Norman totally over the deep end? Worse yet, if that happens, will Romero, Emma, and Dylan make it out alive? Feel free to leave your Bates Motel Season 4 finale theories below.

[Photo by Cate Cameron/A&E]