‘Pregnant Bride’ Miley Cyrus Regrets Bleaching Her Hair

Miley Cyrus

Rumors are flying that Miley Cyrus is planning to have kids and get married very soon. The singer can’t seem to be tamed when it comes to her raucous onstage performances, but Miley is reportedly desperate to be a housewife.

This week’s Life & Style was one of the publications that came out swinging with the rumors. According to the magazine, Miley Cyrus is reportedly pregnant with her first child.

“It is very early on, but Miley has announced to a select group of friends that she’s expecting. She’s been feeling nauseous all the time and knew deep down that she might be pregnant.”

The pop star is making sure that she marries Liam Hemsworth as soon as possible. Cyrus is apparently old-fashioned in her ways, and wants to get married before the baby arrives.

“Miley is quickly planning a summer wedding so that she’s not too far along in her pregnancy when they say, ‘I do.'”

The couple reportedly wants to have a cowboy-themed wedding — not a psychedelic one — with a guest list of 300 friends and family members. Another insider revealed to the Hollywood Life that Cyrus still has big goals of fulfilling her duties of wife and mom before she joins The Voice in September. The alleged source claims that Cyrus has more career plans up her sleeve, and wants to drop new music as soon as possible.

“Miley is very excited for The Voice. She is looking to have a new single and album ready for when that happens and she also would love to be married, pregnant or both by the time her stint as a judge starts! And producers would find nothing wrong with any of that because they know the media attention it would bring would be through the roof! It would be even more than the madness it will be in the first place.”

However, Cyrus’ rep has already debunked these rumors. According to Gossip Cop, the singer is not a “pregnant bride,” despite the nonstop rumors. This isn’t the first time that a tabloid has reported that Cyrus and Hemsworth have plans for a summer wedding. Last month, a source revealed to Us Weekly that the couple have been secretly planning their wedding in Hemsworth’s native Australia.

But Gossip Cop forgot to mention that little detail and only mentioned the time when Life & Style reported that Miley was pregnant with Justin Bieber’s kid in 2014. The very honest and upfront singer also mocked the pregnancy rumors before on Instagram.

Mood as hell

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Even Liam Hemsworth just revealed that he’s not even ready to have kids at such a young age. In an interview with Extra, he was quoted saying, “I’m sure one day I’ll go down that road and it’ll feel aright. For now, I still feel very young and feel like I have a lot of things to do without kids weighing in on the situation.”

Besides, that would mean that Miley Cyrus would have to give up her favorite pastime: smoking weed. The outlandish pop star has made headlines for her provocative and wild behavior over the years, but there’s one regret that she has. Miley says that she regrets bleaching her hair blonde while smoking a joint, two things that pregnant women are advised not to do.

Instead of taking to her Instagram, she took to Facebook to rant about her DIY disaster. Cyrus recalled the time she was bored and decided to bleach her “naturally healthy a$$” hair, which turned into a disaster. She blames her hair disaster on the boredom, the weed, and the DIY kit she used. She posted a photo of herself with her roots growing in, saying that she misses her natural hair color.

“Now I’m out here looking like every Suzy Q & Sally B there is…. Either this s**t needs to grow out at super speed or I’m about to go in for a f***en hair cut reallllll quick!!!”

Was her rant directed towards Taylor Swift, Kristen Stewart, and Jennifer Lawrence, all of which have been spotted rocking platinum blonde bobs lately? Miley infamously cut her hair and dyed it bleached blonde prior to the 2012 MTV VMAs. Now it looks like everyone else is just jumping on the trend.

It looks like Cyrus got her hair fix last month from hairstylist Chris McMillan. He gave the singer a shaggy hairstyle, which he calls a “Swedish porn star” style. But according to her Instagram, she has also expressed regret about getting the bangs too.

#justgotbanged #natural #swedishpornstar ????????

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What are your thoughts? Are you hoping that Miley Cyrus will go back to her roots? Sound off below in the comments section.

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