Niall Horan May Go To Australia, But Is It To Save Golf? Modest Golf News Pending

Niall Horan has been having fun in England at golf courses in Wentworth and Hertfordshire, but now there are rumors that he might be moving to Australia. However, if he is moving to Australia, Niall Horan may go far in helping the country out of its 2016 golfing slump — and there is a Modest Golf tweet from May 11 that further adds to the intrigue.

According to Daily Mail, there is a rumor going around started by football/soccer star, Brendan Fevola, and he claims Niall Horan is gearing up for a move to Australia. Allegedly, Fevola claimed the following about Niall Horan’s next potential real estate buy.

“[Niall Horan has] got a cousin who lives in Melbourne, he’s always in Melbourne. I think he’s going to be moving to Australia, so keep you posted. I’m good mates with him.”

Regardless, it might be a good way to boost the spirits of Australian golf fans if Niall Horan showed up to promote the sport because Australia has some golfing dark clouds over them at the moment.

Niall Horan's Modest Golf tweeted about a surprise
Niall Horan's company, Modest Golf, has a surprise in store. (Photo by Ian Walton/Getty Images)

For example, one of the main issues that Australia is having with promoting the spirit of golfing is that they did not hold the 2016 Australian Masters golf tournament this year, according to their website.

Worse, there are now two Australian golf champs that will be dropping out of the idea of participating in the 2016 Rio Olympics golf events.

Sydney Morning Herald stated on May 5 that Adam Scott claimed individual strokeplay did not belong in the Olympics among other reasons to not participate in the Rio Games, but he felt he represented Australia in every game he played. As a celebrity golfer, Adam Scott’s claim to fame is that he is the only Australian that has ever won The Masters.

Associated Press adds to this with bad news about another Australian golfer, Marc Leishman, that claimed on May 4 that he would sit out on the Rio Olympics because of the risk the Zika virus could have on his wife. Naturally, his participation will be missed because he is ranked no. 35 worldwide, according to PGA Tour.

This means that Niall Horan might be welcomed by golfing fans in Australia if he decides to try to convince Adam Scott and Marc Leishman to give the Rio Olympics a second chance, but this does not mean there will be disaster if Niall does not.

FOX Sports points out on May 10 that “PGA Tour commissioner Tim Finchem doesn’t believe that five players skipping the Olympics will hurt golf’s chances for staying on the program beyond 2020.”

It should also be observed that in the same interview, Finchem went on to state that golf will be fine despite the dropping out of some celebrity golfers because golf is “bringing young people to the game.”

Niall Horan fans can take his pic at the charity golf events
One Direction fans might be able to take pictures of Niall Horan at some of the celebrity golfing events he is participating in. (Photo by Andrew Redington/Getty Images)

In the meantime, while rumors were circulating that he was packing his bags for Australia, Niall Horan was golfing in Hertfordshire, U.K. on May 8, according to this Instagram. and did not appear to be in the process of moving to Australia.

Nevertheless, the real mystery is what Niall Horan’s agency, Modest Golf, has in store. On May 11, Modest Golf tweeted “Watch out for some Modest Golf news.”

Will this be an announcement about Niall Horan and golf in Australia? Currently, there are a lot of good golf-related reasons that Niall Horan would want to be in Australia, and one event is the Australian Interstate Teams rounds, according to Golf.

The other news Modest Golf might be announcing is that their boss, Niall Horan, is involved with yet another charity, but this one is soccer/football related.

As it appears, Niall Horan and his One Direction band-mate, Louis Tomlinson, will be facing off, according to Music News. The event Niall Horan will participate in will take place on June 5 and will “broadcast live on ITV from Manchester United’s legendary Old Trafford Stadium, all in aid of UNICEF, the world’s leading children’s organization.”

Adding to this, Teen Vogue stated that Niall Horan and Louis Tomlinson playing against each other on separate teams for the UNICEF Soccer Aid event has given them an opportunity to tease each other relentlessly on Twitter.

Alternatively, it should be kept in mind that while Niall Horan loves promoting charities and being in the public eye for his career, it is alleged that he “does not like being famous,” according to J-14. They wrote on May 9, that a best friend of Niall Horan’s, Scotty T, recently stated the following.

“Niall’s really down-to-earth and that’s why I’m like and that’s why we get on… I know Niall finds it hard because for me getting attention is bad but for him it’s ridiculous. He told me that when I was with him. I understand how stressed out he is.”

Despite this, Niall Horan also gave the media a chance to take a look inside his home, via Snapchat, according to UnReality TV. Interestingly, they also stated that Niall Horan allegedly will not allow Olly Murs inside.

This can be shocking to fans because Niall Horan named Olly Murs to play music at his upcoming Horan and Rose charity golf event, according to European Tour.

As it turns out, the only reason that Olly Murs was jokingly banned from Niall Horan’s home temporarily was due to Olly threatening Niall with extremely ugly fashion choices.

[Picture by Jason Merritt/Getty Images]