Lisa Hochstein Says Motherhood Has Changed Her Since ‘Real Housewives Of Miami’

Lisa Hochstein RHOM

It has been a few years since Lisa Hochstein starred on The Real Housewives of Miami. Bravo decided not to renew the show for a fourth season after the third season saw a drop in ratings due to the focus on weddings. During the final season of the show, Lisa really wanted to have a baby with her husband, Lenny. He was working long hours as a plastic surgeon, and Hochstein was starting to question whether they would start a family. Lisa had shared that she struggled to get pregnant, and after the show wrapped, Hochstein pursued a surrogate to help them out.

According to a new Bravo report, Lisa Hochstein is now celebrating her first Mother’s Day as a mom. Little Logan is just about to turn one this summer, and Lisa finally got to celebrate this holiday as a mother. And it sounds like her husband completely spoiled her.

“It was very special. I waited so long to celebrate this day,” she told The Daily Dish for Bravo, adding, “[My husband Lenny] catered to me all day long. Breakfast in bed, a beautiful bouquet of flowers, a special Mother’s Day cake, lunch at one of my favorite restaurants, and a beautiful pink handbag. He has great taste. The best part of the day was, of course, spending it with my two favorite guys in the world.”

Hochstein was a married woman, who wanted to have a child while filming The Real Housewives of Miami. Lisa didn’t hide the fact that she couldn’t get pregnant, but now that she’s a mother, she has a brand new outlook on life. In fact, it sounds like he’s making her a better person.

“I feel like my life has much more purpose and meaning. I’m more focused, and strive to be better at everything everyday for him. Things that mattered before, seem so silly now. He’s such a happy and pleasant baby. He was worth the wait,” Hochstein has revealed about how her son has changed her, adding, “I’m much more calm, better organized, for starters. I’m much more carefree and relaxed when it comes to my appearance or anything to do with me. It’s refreshing how motherhood changes someone. It’s all about Logan now. I’m a better person all around.”

The family is due to celebrate Logan’s first birthday on July 3, and since they have been showering him with cake every month since he was born, his first birthday is already being planned.

“We plan on having a beautiful cake, some performances, [and spending the day] with his new little friends we have met in the last few months,” Lisa Hochstein revealed about her birthday plans for her son.

These days, Hochstein may not be thinking about The Real Housewives of Miami. Her time on the show ended on a sour note, as her friend Joanna Krupa guessed that the reason why she wasn’t pregnant was because she kept drinking all the time. During the Real Housewives of Miami reunion, Joanna claimed that Lisa always had a drink in her hand and her alcohol consumption was probably why she wasn’t getting pregnant.

“That’s f**king low, Joanna, okay?” Lisa told her friend during the reunion, according to Wetpaint Entertainment, adding, “I’m crying because you’re supposed to be my friend, and you’re taking digs at me not being able to get pregnant? What a bitch you are for that.”

During the reunion, Hochstein told Krupa that she was done with her friendship, and it sounds like she meant it, as she hasn’t posted any pictures with Krupa on social media. It sounds like her comment was below the belt and unforgivable.

What do you think about Lisa Hochstein finally being able to celebrate Mother’s Day?

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