Ben Higgins And Lauren Bushnell Talk Post-‘Bachelor’ Life: Wedding Planning, Possible Show Opportunities, And Other Fun Tidbits Revealed

Ben Higgins and Lauren Bushnell from 'The Bachelor'

Ben Higgins and Lauren Bushnell have been public about their Bachelor engagement for about two months now, and it is clear to fans that things are going quite well. They have been together almost non-stop, and even when they are apart, they clearly miss one another. Ben and Lauren did a radio interview recently that shared some fun tidbits about their life together, and folks will not want to miss the highlights from this one.

Lauren and Ben did an interview with the Rick Lewis Show, and they were quite open about their life together these days. Bushnell and Higgins have faced plenty of tabloid rumors regarding their relationship, but the Bachelor stars have managed to mostly just laugh them off. They even addressed the circumstances surrounding a fight they had in a Home Depot parking lot not long after the finale aired, a fight that was caught on camera and even made it to some media sites.

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The Bachelor stars said that the fight was not a big deal. What was causing them such strife? Apparently, the argument was about paint colors and pillows, Ben and Lauren say, as they have been doing a lot of work on the house that they now share. The two joked in the new interview that it wasn’t a massive fight and that just about everybody fights at Home Depot over those kinds of things.

Both Ben and Lauren are back to work now at the jobs they had before filming their Bachelor season. Higgins continues to work as an account manager for Talysis, and Bushnell continues to work for Alaska Airlines. They have been doing a lot of traveling, but they joke that their regular lives are pretty boring, and they believe that becoming somewhat famous due to a reality television show keeps them humble.

The two did talk a wee bit about their fantasy suite date, and Bachelor fans will surely swoon over what they shared. Ben and Lauren talked about grabbing a bottle of tequila and sitting in lawn chairs on the beach under the stars and away from the cameras. They say that they talked for hours, drinking straight from the tequila bottle, discussing their lives. Higgins and Bushnell said that those were the most real moments they had together, and he details it was during that time with one another that he knew she was the one for him.

What about wedding plans? Ben and Lauren have made no secret of the fact that they will not be having a long engagement. They played a bit coy about specifics during the interview, but Bachelor fans will pick up on some big hints. Higgins and Bushnell were asked about dates and locations, and they said that there are a lot of logistics to work out, and a lot will depend on the time of year they decide to wed.

Higgins and Bushnell have said in the past that they might even get married before the end of the year. During the radio interview, she said that if they were to do a summer wedding, she would love to get married in Portland, Oregon, where she is from originally.

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However, she noted that she loves sunshine and that will factor into their plans. If Higgins and Bushnell were to do a January or February wedding, they would probably get married in California. As fans most certainly know, most of the “Bachelor Nation” weddings that are featured on ABC take place around that timeframe, December through February, and are typically done in California.

While the Bachelor stars say that there have been no detailed talks with the network yet about the possibility of doing a televised wedding, they are both open to the idea. ABC skipped over televising the wedding of Desiree Hartsock and Chris Siegfried, but many people have a hunch that Ben and Lauren’s will get to be on television. It could end up being some kind of update show, much like viewers saw with Jade Roper’s wedding to Tanner Tolbert this past winter. ABC aired a special celebrating 20 Bachelor seasons, with lots of updates from prior contestants, and the wedding was incorporated into that special.

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Would Ben and Lauren do another reality television show together? They actually said they would be open to considering opportunities, but it doesn’t sound as if anybody should expect to see them on Marriage Boot Camp or shows similar to that like some other contestants have done. Higgins and Bushnell say that they wouldn’t do anything crazy, and they don’t desire or need to do more television. However, if something just showcasing their regular lives became available that could enhance their lives, they would be open to it.

Many Bachelor fans who have already listened to the radio interview think that this is the best one Ben and Lauren have done to date. It encompasses everything that people love about them and shares some fun insight into where their relationship is now. Will Ben Higgins and Lauren Bushnell get married this winter as they seem to be leaning towards? Fans hope that will be the case, and now everybody is starting to look ahead to JoJo Fletcher’s journey on the Bachelorette 2016 season that begins on May 23.

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