Jennifer Aniston Justin Theroux Split Rumors: Is The Couple’s Marriage Ending?

Aniston is a tabloid hot topic endlessly

It’s only been nine months since Jennifer Aniston and her husband, Justin Theroux, exchanged their vows. The rumors have recently been endless that the seemingly loving and doting couple are heading for a split. Jen recently shared that she needs a big push to leave her beloved Bel-Air estate, which she and her hubby consider their perfect retreat. The star also noted how much Theroux makes her laugh. The couple have each shared how happy they are being married to one another.

So what is with all of the rumors being spouted about a pending split between Jen and Justin?

It seems that the tabloids can’t get enough of capitalizing on the relationship of Jen Aniston and her husband. Even when the two weren’t yet hitched, Aniston was constantly making the cover of tabloids for pending breakups between her and Theroux. The latest headline is brought to us by In Touch, as Gossip Cop relays.

“The new cover of In Touch, which came out on Wednesday, announces, ‘Justin Walks Out On Jen’ and ‘Split After 8 Months.’ According to the accompanying story, the couple recently had one of their ‘worst fights ever’ when Aniston found out Theroux would be shooting ‘The Leftovers’ in Australia. A so-called ‘friend”‘is quoted as saying, ‘At the end of Jen’s tirade, he walked out on her.'”

However, GC shares that this story couldn’t be farther from the truth. The couple is reportedly not heading for a split after nine months of marriage. A rep for Jennifer Aniston relays to the celebrity gossip policing site that the story is absolute “nonsense” and that the couple are doing great.

Aniston was also recently in the tabloids following her flop at the box office in the holiday movie, Mother’s Day, directed by Gary Marshall. It was reported that the single project was the demise of the actress’ career and that she would find it tough to recover from the flop. Radar Online is responsible for the instigation of this particular rumor.

“Jennifer Aniston was at her peak when she received a Golden Globe nomination for her performance in Cake. But the actress’s career has taken a nosedive, as her latest film has not been well received by critics!”

It’s clear that this claim is absolutely ridiculous seeing as one film after a career of success is not at all going to hurt the star’s reputation, especially when she appears in the film alongside other A-listers such as Julia Roberts and Kate Hudson. There are no tabloid rumors about Julia or Kate’s plummeting career. Therefore, this must mean that Aniston is simply an easy and popular target.

The reviews for the film, as Radar notes, were far less than favorable, which made the star the perfect subject for a rumor.

“‘Unless your mom has an extremely low bar for movie satisfaction, it’s best to do her a favor and skip a date for Mother’s Day,’ USA Today wrote, as Los Angeles Times bashed, ‘From awkward start to merciful finish, Mother’s Day is a grim, listless affair.’ Not even the A-listers could save the movie, as Variety wrote, ‘Atrociously written, begrudgingly acted.'”

Gossip Cop confirmed that Jen is surely not experiencing a nosedive or trouble in her career.

“The webloid just wanted to make Aniston look bad, but provided no context for how this one movie fits into her overarching filmography. And there’s no actual evidence given whatsoever to prove Aniston’s career is in ‘crisis.’ The outlet ends its piece by asking readers if they think the actress’ career ‘can be revived.’ But it’s RadarOnline that could use redemption.”

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