‘Days Of Our Lives’ Spoilers: Will Ciara & Chad Have An Affair?

Days of Our Lives spoilers: Will Ciara and Chad have an affair?

Days of Our Lives fans are currently enjoying some May sweeps storylines, but one of the biggest OMG moments may be yet to come. Could Ciara Brady and Chad DiMera have an affair?

As one Days of Our Lives fan pointed out via Facebook, the soap has rapidly aged Ciara to the age of 18, and seem to be constantly reminding us that she’s now legal. Ciara has decided to move out of her mother Hope’s house, and move in to one of the guest houses at the DiMera mansion so that she can get space from her mom, and be closer to Chad and baby Thomas, for whom she works as a nanny.

However, will all the closeness lead to a Ciara and Chad affair? While it sounds completely crazy, it could actually happen.

Days of Our Lives viewers have seen Chad’s emotional state completely decline after his wife, Abigail, was put in to a mental hospital for her delusional behavior involving Ben Weston. Now, Chad is home alone with baby Thomas, and Abigail is refusing to have visitors. She’s also not getting any better.

Days of Our LIves: Will Ciara break Theo's heart?
While there is no doubt that Chad loves Abigail more than anything, he’s a broken man right now, and Ciara has been a great source of comfort for him during this tough time.

Meanwhile, Days of Our Lives fans also know that Ciara is a bit of a wild child, and she’s also going through a lot of issues right now. After being raped by her step-brother, Chase Jennings, she’s been pushing her limits by drinking, getting arrested, and more. Although she’s currently dating Chad’s nephew, Theo Carver, many fans think that Ciara will break the heart of sweet and innocent Theo, which will be a sad sight to see.

Days of Our Lives is no stranger to writing shocking affair storylines. In fact, not long ago the most shocking affair of them all, Abigail and EJ DiMera, took place, and fans were totally obsessed with the stunning story arc.

EJ DiMera, Chad’s brother, was completely in love with Sami Brady, and shared two children with her. The couple were planning their wedding together, but somehow Abigail and EJ felt a very strong sexual connection to one another and decided to act on it, multiple times, nearly getting caught by Sami on occasion.

Days of Our Lives: Abigail and EJ's steamy affair.
Of course, in Salem nothing stays a secret for long, and Sami did find out about the affair, which sent Abigail into a depression after being called out by Sami, and then having the affair written about in an article for all to see when Will Horton published it in the magazine he worked for.

Days of Our Lives fans have noticed how impulsive and reckless the teen scene currently is in Salem with Joey killing Ava and then running off to California with Jade, Ciara continuing on her downward spiral, Claire rebelling against her parents, and Theo standing up to his father, Abe, over his love for Ciara. Will these teens be the most defiant of all? If Ciara sleeps with her boyfriend’s uncle/boss, then yes, it will be one of the most shocking teen storylines that DOOL viewers have seen in a long time.

However, fans likely won’t be happy about having to watch the very young and impressionable Ciara have a fling with Chad. Although, it would be interesting to see how Hope could react to the news that Ciara and Chad had an affair. It seems safe to say that she wouldn’t be happy about it, and that she’d take matters in to her own hands.

What are your thoughts about Ciara possibly having an affair with Chad on Days of Our Lives?

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