‘Nashville’: Will Maddie’s Emancipation Mean The End Of Rayna And Deacon?


Last week’s episode of ABC’s Nashville was full of drama and this week’s episode keeps building the story. Unfortunately, there won’t be much time for fans to find out the fate of their favorite characters, as it was just released Nashville is not being renewed for a fifth season.

ABC shared the following synopsis for Episode 419. Warning: Spoilers ahead!

“Rayna makes a last-ditch effort to protect her oldest daughter from the perils that befall young artists.”

Episode 419 of Nashville begins with Rayna on tour. Both her sister, Tandy, and Daphne have gone on tour with her. They watch from the wings as Rayna sings a song with a chorus that says, “I just want to have a breakdown.” It’s no surprise after Maddie was granted emancipation only a week ago, and her husband, Deacon, was arrested for getting into a fight with his AA sponsor, Frankie.

Rayna doesn’t have time to deal with Deacon while she is so busy trying to save Maddie from the path she is on. Deacon has been trying to make up with Rayna for everything he has done, but Rayna doesn’t know how their future will pan out. She hasn’t yet pushed him completely away, but she is not welcoming him with open arms either.

To add to Rayna’s stress, she learns that Frankie’s daughter, Cash, has set up a showcase for Maddie. Rayna tries to intervene by making sure that a label she knows will take care of Maddie will be at the showcase. Juliette also sends her manager, Glenn, in an effort to help Maddie make a smart decision. Unfortunately, Maddie doesn’t listen to Glenn’s advice and follows Cash’s suggestion to sign with a label in New York. Maddie will be leaving Nashville.

Meanwhile, Daphne is upset that Rayna is only focusing on Maddie. While Rayna is spending her time performing or trying to find a way to influence Maddie’s decision, Tandy has been taking care of Daphne. Tandy sits down to talk with Daphne about how she knows exactly what she is going through. Rayna did the same thing Maddie is doing now, when she was Maddie’s age. Tandy explains to Daphne that it is not her job to be strong for the family. She is the youngest member and she should not have all that weight on her shoulders.

Deacon also struggles to deal with Maddie’s emancipation and the rough patch and he and Rayna are going through. He tries to apologize to Frankie, but Frankie lets him know he plans on buying Deacon out of his half of The Beverly. Deacon then heads to an AA meeting, but realizes while he is there that things have only gotten worse for him during his sobriety, not better. He lost his sister, Maddie, and now Rayna. Deacon gets up and leaves the AA meeting in search of alcohol. Can Nashville deal with a drunk Deacon again?

After Rayna learns Maddie will be leaving Nashville, she realizes she can’t lose her entire family. She sits down to talk with Daphne, and Daphne tell her she hates Maddie. Rayna tells Daphne that she may be angry with Maddie, but she doesn’t hate her.

“Don’t confuse anger with hate. We can still love somebody even when we’re angry at them.”

It is in that moment Rayna realizes that she needs to make amends with Deacon.

Deacon is sitting on the couch staring at a bottle of booze wrapped in a brown paper bag. He removes the bag and just as he breaks the seal on the lid, his phone rings. You can see Deacon hesitate to answer the phone, before he sets the bottle down and answers Rayna’s phone call.

Do you think Rayna and Deacon are going to make it through this trial with Maddie? Tune in to the next episode on Wednesday, at 9/8c on ABC, and don’t miss the series finale on May 25, 2016.

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