WWE News: Adam Rose Faces Judge, Wife Begs For Leniency, Another Domestic Violence Incident Involving The Two?

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The arrest of WWE Superstar Adam Rose was tough to see for fans. We all cheered for him when he proved he did not fail the WWE drug test that WWE claimed he did. He was on Adderall, a stimulant, and it is illegal under WWE guidelines to take without prescription. However, Rose has a prescription and was on the medication for a year. WWE even knew about it. We wanted to see Rose come back from this, and get his second suspension lifted. He did nothing wrong and should not have been suspended for failing a test he did not truly fail.

Then Adam Rose gets himself arrested, and not over a DUI or random scene at a bar. No, he gets arrested over domestic violence and witness tampering. He and his wife were involved in an argument over their marriage, which clearly got heated. Rose grabbed his wife by the face and screamed at her. In a scary situation, she called 911. Rose saw this, and took the phone away. When police showed up to help matters, Rose was arrested.

WWE commented on the issue, claiming that they have no tolerance for domestic violence and said that Rose was suspended indefinitely following the arrest. Of course, WWE may reinstate Rose eventually if charges are dropped or something major does not come from this. However, Rose is by no means a key player in the machine.

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Many believe Adam Rose will get fired from the WWE due to this. The sad part wasn’t even this arrest or the potential WWE firing, that came during his hearing today in Hillsborough County, Florida where he faced a judge over the charges against him.

According to TMZ, Rose was brought in wearing shackles and an orange jumpsuit, like you would expect. The judge wanted to hit Adam Rose with a restraining order, but Rose’s wife begged for the judge to reconsider this. She wanted him to be able to come home and help with raising his special needs child, which we were all introduced to during the ESPN/NXT special last year.

Right now, he is facing a misdemeanor domestic violence battery charge as well as felony tampering with a witness charge. Rose’s lawyer cleverly argued that his actions were “not aggressive or painful” rather, they were “more of a passionate, ‘Hey let’s talk about this.'”

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Of course, he still put his hands on his wife and admitted to such. This was enough for her to call the police, meaning she was scared of his actions. Whether or not he meant to come off as bad as he did is not the case, but he did. On top of all of this, it does not seem to be the first time that he and his wife had a heated altercation. The judge mentioned that there was another domestic incident between the two back in March, which was very interesting to hear about. The judge was concerned about Rose potentially showing a pattern of abusive behavior.

The judge did go with what the wife asked and the restraining order was not added. Bond was set for $1,000, which was relatively light. It looks like Rose could be out of jail by the end of the day. Adam Rose was ordered to see his pastor once a week for counseling, and he will need to be seen back in court in June.

Due to everything that happened in court, things go could either was for Adam Rose concerning his WWE career. WWE easily could have him back after the next court date in June, but there is a good shot he gets released due to everything that has happened. He now has two domestic incidents with his wife in the span of a few months, which is not good. Clearly Rose loves his child and wants to be around for him. However this cannot happen if he and his wife continue to have problems. We will have to see what comes from this, as of now, it looks like Adam Rose won’t be in jail for much longer.

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