‘RHOBH’ Star Kyle Richards Claims Yolanda Hadid Is ‘Very Hard To Get Close To’

'RHOBH' Star Kyle Richards Claims Yolanda Hadid Is 'Very Hard To Get Close To' [Image via Bravo]

Kyle Richards’ friendship with Yolanda Hadid may not be as smooth as it appears on camera. While The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills just wrapped its sixth season, the two reality stars butted heads during the show’s third reunion special. Is their future friendship now in jeopardy?

In an interview with Us Magazine, Richards opened up about her relationship with Hadid and explained how it changed this past season of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Despite her efforts to befriend Hadid, Richards revealed that Hadid did not put enough effort into their friendship.

“She’s been very hard to get close to,” Richards shared. “I tried and made an effort, and I felt like it was never reciprocated. It’s very hard to get close to her.”

Although Richards and Hadid fought in the last reunion episode, Richards does not hold anything against Hadid. Instead, Richards went on to describe Hadid as a “nice person.”

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While Richards and Hadid have worked through their feud, as the Inquisitr previously reported, Richards recently betrayed Lisa Vanderpump and her sister, Kim Richards. Apparently, Richards went on a hike with Lisa Rinna, who has been feuding with Kim and Vanderpump. The friendly hike has led fans to believe Richards has switched sides in the drama between the three women.

“When you are on the hiking trail talking to @KyleRichards and @billybush smacks your ass running by with @kitHoover,” Rinna wrote on Twitter.

Of course, fans were quick to point out their disappointment with Richards’ decision to hang out with Rinna. In reply, Richards played off the hike as a coincidental meeting rather than anything planned.

“I bumped into her on a hike. Often do,” Richards explained on Twitter.

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It is not clear if Rinna and Kyle Richards planned the hike or not, yet the two are clearly still friendly towards each other. In fact, Rinna posted an image on Twitter of a recent text message she received from Richards.

The image featured a photo of Richards with Rinna’s lips with the caption, “These lips were made for talkin’ and that’s just what they’ll do.”

“I woke up to this on my text messages @KyleRichards,” Rinna wrote in the post. “I will get you back. Just when you least expect it. Game on!”

As fans will recall, Vanderpump and Rinna fought this season over Hadid’s battle with Lyme disease. Rinna claims that it was Vanderpump’s idea to bring up Munchausen syndrome, even though she was the first to talk about it on camera.

As far as Kim is concerned, she and Rinna butted heads this season following Rinna’s comment about her sobriety. At the end of Season 5, Kim and Rinna got into a fight that included Rinna throwing a wine glass in Kim’s direction.

Considering all the beef between Kim, Vanderpump, and Rinna, it is interesting that Richards is hanging out and corresponding with Rinna. With Richards recently making amends with her sister, will her friendship with Rinna threaten her relationship with Kim?

In a recent blog post on Bravo, Kim opened up about her sobriety and renewed friendship with her sister. Although she admitted that the past year was rough, she expressed gratitude with how things ultimately turned out.

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For her part, Richards told People that she is trying hard to re-establish a working relationship with her sister.

“I miss my sister,” Richards stated. “I look at her face today, and I want this relationship… It never meant that I didn’t love her, and it never meant that I didn’t miss her. I’ve let it go. And I’m happy with our relationship again.”

It is unclear if Richards’ interactions with Rinna will prove detrimental to her relationship with Kim. Now that Season 6 is officially over, the reality stars will at least have an entire offseason to work through their problems before filming picks back up.

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