CERN LHC Opens Mysterious Cloud Portal Anomaly In The Sky Over Switzerland, Conspiracy Theorists Raise Alarm [Video]

After scientists at the European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN) powered up the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) -- the world's largest particle accelerator -- earlier in the week, following a disruption allegedly caused by a weasel, conspiracy theorists have raised alarm that yet another weather anomaly, claimed to be a portal to another dimension, was detected by Swiss meteorologists over the facility near the Jura Mountains.

The LHC, a ring-shaped 27-kilometer (17-mile) subterranean tunnel of superconducting magnets located near the France-Switzerland border, was switched on March 25 after a winter break to allow engineers and technicians conduct maintenance and safety tests ahead of the start of a new round of experiments in May.

But, the LHC suffered an electrical outage on Friday, April 29, after a weasel entered the transformer and gnawed through a 66-Kilovolt cable causing an electrical outage.

Engineers searching for the cause of the sudden outage found the charred remains of the weasel inside the transformer.

The LHC was switched on once again on May 8-9 after engineers and technicians completed repairs.

Following media reports that the LHC has restarted, the conspiracy theory blogosphere lit with claims that a mysterious weather anomaly occurred over the CERN facility on Sunday May 8.

What looked like a "circle of rain cloud" allegedly appeared over an area close to CERN's LHC facility near Geneva in Switzerland. And, despite the fact that the weather radar report indicated rain, local meteorologists said the cloud did not produce any rain.

The unusual situation forced local experts to conclude there must have been a glitch in the radar system. But pointing to similar claims of a glitch in the space weather reporting system at the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) after a reported collapse of the Earth's magnetic field earlier in April, conspiracy theorists raised alarm, saying that the authorities were trying once again to cover up the fact that a portal to another dimension opened above the CERN facility after the LHC was switched on.

CERN LHC facility in Switzerland [Photo By Salvatore Di Nolfi/AP]According to conspiracy theorists, the mysterious cloud portal appeared directly over the peak of the mountain La Dole in the Jura where the LHC facility is located.

Doomsday theorists insisted that the cloud portal must have appeared after the scientists tuned up the power of the LHC.

This is not the first time that conspiracy theorists have alleged occurrence of mysterious weather phenomenon near the facility. Doomsday theorists fear that the LHC experiments could cause sudden global or even universe-wide catastrophe. Earlier in January 2016, footage allegedly snapped by two U.S. tourists emerged online purporting to show a mysterious swirling vortex of clouds -- supposedly an inter-dimensional portal -- and a UFO orb flying into the vortex over the Large Hadron Collider.

Scientists have tried to calm fears that LHC experiments could cause a global catastrophe, saying that data collected from experiments will bring great benefits to mankind by helping researchers to better understand how our universe works.

Previous experiments conducted since 2013 have led to major breakthroughs, such as confirmation of the existence of the Higgs Boson predicted by theoretical physics.

Since then, the LHC has undergone tuning up to higher energy levels to allow scientists probe deeper into the mysteries of conditions that existed at an early stages of the evolution of the universe, just before the "Big Bang" moment of creation.

The gradual tuning up of the LHC's energy level has sparked fears that the scientists could create a black hole in the LHC that leads to a cosmic apocalypse. Others have expressed fears that it could open a portal to another dimension allowing evil demonic entities or alien beings from a parallel universe to gain access to our world.

Conspiracy theorists have voiced such fears, citing respected scientists such as Stephen Hawking and Neil deGrasse Tyson.

The British scientist Stephen Hawking had raised fears of impending LHC-induced apocalypse when he said that the universe could be destroyed by a powerful particle accelerator operating at very high energy levels. But, he said that the present CERN particle accelerator was not powerful enough to cause a catastrophe.

However, Hawking's statement that the CERN LHC was not powerful enough to cause a catastrophe did nothing to reassure conspiracy theorists who accused CERN of working on behalf of the "evil" and clandestine Illuminati to open up a portal to a higher spiritual dimension as part of efforts to fulfill the alleged New World Order (NWO) agenda.

Part of the Large Hadron Collider tunnel in Switzerland [Photo by Martial Trezzzin/AP]Doomsday theorists point to the statue of Shiva -- the Hindu god of destruction -- set up at CERN's premises in Geneva as proof that CERN scientists are involved in a devilish project. Doomsday theorists also claim that CERN's logo looks like the satanic 666. The 666 symbol, according to doomsday theorists, is proof that the Devil is using CERN to open a portal to a parallel universe so that demonic cohorts can gain access to our universe and take control.

The recent increase in earthquakes, extreme weather events and reports of ghostly floating cities are signs of impending doom, according to conspiracy theorists.

CERN has struggled to counter fear-mongering rumors, saying that the statue of Shiva was a gift from the Indian government and that while Shiva is the Hindu god of destruction the deity also represents life. CERN authorities have also explained that the CERN logo, which supposedly looks like the satanic number 666, actually represents a particle accelerator and not Satan.

[Photo By Martial Trezzini/AP]