‘I Am Watching You’: Lifetime Romance Bedroom Thriller Movie On TV This Sunday, Starring Madeline Zima, Brian Ames

i-am-watching-you-lifetime-movie-network-lmn-bedroom-romance-thriller-marvista-brian-ames-Madeline Zima

I Am Watching You is the latest romance thriller to air on the Lifetime Movie Network (LMN). Written by Maureen Bharoocha and written by Ellen Huggins, I Am Watching You is about a young romance blogger who falls head over heels for a handsome neighbor, whom she watches from her bedroom window to get inspiration. But, things take a deadly turn after she hooks up with him for the first time.

This latest LMN movie stars Madeline Zima as Nora Nichols, Brian Ames as Lucas Wheeler, Lilan Bowden as Karen, Lesley-Anne Down as Margaret, Marshall Porter as Scotty, Jeffrey Larson as Casey, Rob Gleeson as Tucker Boyd, Ahmed Bharoocha as Kevin, and Mark Primiano as Officer Londer.

I Am Watching You Movie Synopsis

Nora Nichols is a 20-something-year-old romance blogger who is in desperate need of a book deal. When a book deal finally comes her way, Nora is struggling to find inspiration for her fantasy writing. Feeling pressure to turn in her final draft to the book publisher, Nora finally admits that she has writer’s block but promises to get them something soon. Meanwhile, Nora becomes completely infatuated with her handsome next door neighbor, Lucas, whose steamy bedroom activities keep her entertained.

It isn’t long before Lucas realizes that Nora is watching him every night. Now, Nora is desperate to get to know him up close and personal. She finally makes it her mission to introduce herself to Lucas. When Nora and Lucas meet each other for the first time there is an instant attraction, which leads to their first sexual experience.

As their sexual escapades become more interesting and their passion more uncontrollable, Nora has more than enough to fill the pages of her romance book. After the encounter, Nora realizes that she is in too deep and needs to stick with her no-strings-attached attitude, leading her to slowly back away from Lucas. But Lucas is not going anywhere. Now, the tables have turned, and he is watching her every move, which escalates to following her around, taking photos of her, and breaking into her apartment while she is sleeping.

At her wit’s end, Nora is even more horrified when she sees a news report about a murdered woman who was last seen in Lucas’ apartment. Now that her fantasy has turned into a twisted reality, it is apparent that the last chapter in her book could end with her own death.

Cast of I Am Watching You On Lifetime Television

Actress Madeline Zima, according to Hallmark Channel.

“Madeline Zima has continuously worked over the last decade in critically acclaimed projects such as the feature film “The Hand That Rocks The Cradle” and the CBS mini-series ‘Lucy,’ in which she portrayed Lucille Ball as a teenager. Zima is likely best known for her role in the long-running hit sitcom, ‘The Nanny,’ where the writing changed with short notice on such a daily basis, she was allowed the opportunity to hone her comic timing. Madeline Zima has continuously worked over the last decade in critically acclaimed projects such as the feature film ‘The Hand That Rocks The Cradle’ and the CBS mini-series ‘Lucy,’ in which she portrayed Lucille Ball as a teenager.”

Actor Brian Ames, according to the Internet Movie Database

“Brian is an actor and writer, known for Maniac (2012), Elegy for a Revolutionary (2013) and Flight of the Living Dead (2007) and is currently filming his second season of Awkward (2014-2015). Brian Ames is originally from Atlanta, GA where he began modeling and acting in commercials as a child. While he relished his time on set he never dreamed of pursuing a vocation in the arts.”

Lifetime Movie Network’s I Am Watching You is produced by Distilled Media and distributed by MarVista Entertainment. The made-for-television film is executive produced by Margret H. Huddleston. I Am Watching You airs this Sunday, May 15, at 7 p.m. on LMN.

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