Leah Messer Wants Focus Away From Love Life: Is She Lying About Being Single?

Leah Messer Wants Focus Away From Love Life

Leah Messer has been staying someone private about her dating life, especially since she went through her second divorce just over a year ago. Messer really wanted things to work out with Jeremy Calvert, but he had decided to leave the marriage behind even though they have a daughter together. Ever since she got divorced and Jeremy found a new relationship, people have been wondering whether she’s trying to find a third marriage or staying single.

According to a new tweet, Leah Messer isn’t really giving a straight-up answer. In fact, Messer would prefer it if people would stop talking about her relationship status. It’s no secret that she’s been linked to a man named TR Dues, but he hasn’t exactly been on Teen Mom and she hasn’t confirmed anything on Twitter. But she did spark some interesting theories after posting a tweet about a loving relationship on Twitter.

“Some couples are just [made] for each other! You know what they say though. There is someone for everyone,” Leah Messer revealed on Twitter while adding a bunch of emoticons in the tweet.

New Episode Tonight @ 10/9c , you won't want to miss it !! #TeenMom2

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Since Leah has never admitted to dating TR Dues, she could be talking about anyone. But she later clarified that she wasn’t talking about him. In fact, she was referring to someone else who is in a relationship. But some people were not a big fan of Dues even though he isn’t exactly known from Teen Mom.

“TR Dues is not a good choice Good lord Leah! Wake up. Try staying single for a while,” one person revealed to Leah, who responded, “The fact that my tweet in no way meant I am in a relationship and was about another couple I seen has me ROFL. #CantDeal LOL.”

Leah later added, “Can we not find something better to discuss in the media, ya kno? Like how I’m buying my first home with MY DAUGHTERS!”

Even though Leah Messer does have some followers who are supportive, she also has people who are very critical of her actions. But it sounds like some people are very supportive of her and everything she’s doing. In fact, one person is a counselor, and she believes that Messer is doing everything possible to get back on track and be the best mother she can possibly be.

“I wish you all the best Leah. I think you have been through enough of shit. As a counsellor I’m all the way behind you. xx,” one person wrote, to which Leah wrote, “thank you!!!”

If Leah Messer is indeed single, it sounds like she could have some more time on her hands. But even with that extra time, Messer isn’t watching Teen Mom. In fact, it’s possible that she’s not interested in reliving the drama of the custody battle from last year.

“I’m sorry everyone! I have not been able 2 watch the show. I assumed that you all were thinking that I received papers recently. #Sorry,” Leah Messer revealed on Twitter.

Some people are curious about her relationship status since she has denied dating anyone. However, at the same time, she has shared pictures from a hotel room where Dues was present. According to SheKnows, Leah and TR spent time together in a hotel room, as they both shared separate pictures from the same room. And when one magazine decided to write an article about her relationship with him, she responded.

“Keeping ‘mum’ about TR Dues? We decided we are best at being friends. We both have our own lives & kids to worry about FIRST!” Leah has previously revealed about her relationship with TR Dues.

Is Leah Messer lying about her relationship status? It sounds like she has no interest in talking about who she’s sharing a bed with these days. What do you think?

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