Shannon Tweed Slams Paul Stanley And ‘The Talk’ For Throwing Gene Simmons Under The Bus Over Prince Comments

Shannon Tweed defends husband Gene Simmons after prince controversy

Shannon Tweed is standing by her man. Gene Simmons’ longtime love is calling out Kiss founder Paul Stanley and the CBS daytime talk show The Talk for comments that were made about Simmons after he apologized for calling Prince’s death “pathetic” because of his alleged prescription drug abuse.

After Simmons made the controversial remarks about Prince to Newsweek earlier this week, he quickly apologized for not “expressing himself properly” when speaking about the cause of death of the music legend. But even with the apology, Paul Stanley distanced himself from his partner of 40 years and apologized on behalf of Kiss anyway.

Shannon Tweed did not appreciate Stanley’s commentary. Shannon took to Twitter to slam Stanley for throwing Simmons under the bus after he had already admitted that he was wrong. She also called Paul out for not standing behind his musical partner of more than four decades.

Stanley responded to Tweed’s tweet by telling her she shouldn’t confuse “walking under the bus with being thrown under.” The rocker added that he stands by his apology.

But Shannon Tweed wasn’t done defending her husband. On CBS’ The Talk, co-host Sharon Osbourne said Simmons was unqualified to talk about drug addiction or the role prescription drugs may have played in Prince’s death because he has absolutely no knowledge of the subject. The Kiss bassist told Newsweek that he has never been drunk or high in his life, so Osbourne said he is very uneducated on the topic and should keep his mouth shut. Osbourne went on to recount a story about how the Kiss rocker made her angry several years ago when he and Shannon Tweed first starred in the A&E reality show Gene Simmons Family Jewels in 2006.

“It happened years ago, but, after we finished our reality show, Gene Simmons started a reality show with his family,” Sharon said. “A journalist said to him ‘don’t you think your show is like The Osbournes,’ and he said ‘no not at all… my kids aren’t drug addicts’… Gene has no idea what it is to be an addict… he is like so out of his league to even discuss this about Prince… the man just isn’t relevant.”

After Osbourne’s cutting comments, Shannon Tweed hopped on Twitter again to call out The Talk co-hosts out for hitting people “when they are down or apologizing.” Shannon added that not everyone can be as “politically correct” as the co-hosts of the Emmy-winning CBS talk show.

Shannon Tweed has been very busy on social media lately, retweeting several followers’ comments about how they stayed off of drugs due to her husband’s example. But not everyone is on her side. While Shannon Tweed is playing the loyal wife and staunchly defending her man, several people pointed out that the Kiss star is a bit of hypocrite when it comes to Shannon. The rocker was in a relationship with Tweed for 28 years and admittedly cheated on her for years—at one time boasting that he had slept with 5,000 women in his lifetime—before he finally married her. Simmons’ long-overdue proposal to Tweed played out for A&E cameras.

In addition to Shannon Tweed’s social media posts, Shannon and Gene’s daughter, Sophie, called out Motley Crue founder Nikki Sixx for announcing that Simmons was no longer his hero.

Take a look at the video below to see Shannon Tweed walking out on Simmons during an awkward chat on Joy Behar’s HLN talk show.

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