Brad Pitt: $33 Million Shopping Spree Amid Rumors Of Divorce

Brad Pitt drops over $30 million

It’s been rare to go a week without seeing a headline in the tabloids that indicate Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are heading for a divorce and the rumors just keep on swirling that a split is inevitable.

It’s rare to see a man turn to shopping therapy as a means to soothe the affects of the ongoing rumors and perhaps to relieve some stress if things are actually on the rocks with Angelina. However, shopping has definitely been an activity the Fight Club star has turned to, seeing as he dropped over $30 million recently while on a spree.

The gossip site Radar Online reported that the majority of the purchases made were on antiques to add to his collection. The owner of DIGSmodern vintage showroom, Bill Ketterer, was a witness to the huge amounts Pitt spent on items at the store. International Business Times shared the words of the owner.

“Brad turned up at one art and furniture show, spent $33 million in an hour, then just got back on his plane and left. He kinda knew what he was looking for and he got it.”

The store owner, who is reportedly good friends with the star, told the tabloid that Pitt will often visit the store in Ponoma, California. As for the type of pieces Brad buys, Ketterer shares that he leans towards deco, modern, and contemporary pieces, which make up the majority of his collection.

The store owner shared that Pitt will usually bring along an interior designer with him to help with selections, yet often times, will simply request that the designer just stay in the car, demonstrating that he has a true eye for design.

“‘When Brad comes to the warehouse, I don’t advise him,’ Ketterer reportedly said. ‘He usually has an interior designer with him or other people, and he says to them, ‘Hey, just wait in the car.'”

Radar Online shards that Pitt and Jolie are apparently tightening their purse strings elsewhere and selling one of their homes in order to allow Brad to continue on with his expensive antique-purchasing hobby.

“Although Pitt, 52, isn’t putting a budget on his hobby, he and Angelina Jolie, 40, are saving where they can by placing their New Orleans mansion on the market. They were also spotted flying economy class from Paris to Nice, France with their six children recently.”

The collection is likely magnificent and it seems the Hollywood heartthrob has got a good sense of interior design aesthetic. As for the rumors of divorce between he and wife Angelina Jolie, the latest reports are not pleasant. However, the rumors that Brad Pitt have been cheating on Angelina while the actress endures her health issues has been debunked by celebrity gossip policing site Gossip Cop.

A tabloid rumor emerged that Pitt was caught kissing Lizzy Caplan while in London. The tale is not entirely untrue, as the actor was in fact kissing the actress, yet it was all on set and part of the film the two are starring in, as GC notes.

“Pitt is currently in London filming the World War II thriller Allied, and was recently photographed kissing co-star Lizzy Caplan on set. Of course, the two were filming a scene for the movie and weren’t ‘caught’ as Radar Online falsely claims. Additionally, Pitt and Caplan plays siblings in the film, and the set photos in question depict him kissing his “sister” on the cheek, despite the webloid alleging the two were ‘sharing a passionate kiss.'”

So although the rumors continue about Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, all appears to be well in the marriage of two of the most stunning individuals to walk the planet.

[Photo by Astrid Stawiarz/Getty Images]