Pit Bull Nearly Rips Off Owner’s Arm, Another Found Shot As Breed Warfare Continues

Pit Bull Nearly Amputates NY Owners Arm

A pit bull tore the arm of his Brooklyn, New York, owner nearly completely off on Wednesday morning.

The pit bull, one of seven owned by the same person, “went berserk” according to the New York Daily News. The man was mauled about 8:25 a.m. in his apartment on Flatbush Ave. near E. 34th St. in Flatlands, police said.

The seven pit bulls, named Beach, Willim, Jamie, Lula, Speed, Cancun, and Nel, were all taken to an Animal Care Center of NYC facility in Brooklyn by members of the NYPD’s Emergency Services Unit.

The man’s arm was mangled, hanging halfway torn off, and the bone was exposed, police said. The dog owner was taken to Kings County Hospital, where his injuries were pronounced serious but non-life-threatening.

NYPD’s Animal Cruelty Investigations Squad is checking into what appears to be a dog-fighting ring connected with the incident, the New York Post said, although no arrests have yet been made.

The attack followed another incident last Friday, in South Florida, wherein Gulf War veteran Lee Ash was walking his service dog named Prancer when the dog was jumped by a pit bull.

When Ash leaned down to get the dog off, it grabbed his head in a vice-like grip, according to CBS 12 news.

“It had a death chomp on his last bite here and I could feel it not letting it go. It was like shutting a vice.”

The pit bull, named Hurley, was on a leash, but the dog’s owner had dropped it, thinking he was going to the bathroom. Ash said that Hurley was growling when he lunged at Prancer, and recalled feeling “terrified” when the dog grabbed him.

“The amount of blood that was soaking my shirt and running into my eyes, I didn’t have enough hands to cover all of the holes.”

CBS 12 said it took 15 staples and numerous stitches to treat Ash’s wounds.

“I’m not an advocate for killing animals, but I’m an advocate for people being held accountable for the damage their animals do.”

Hurley the pit bull is being held in quarantine at an animal control facility.

Another attack occurred last week in Newton, Iowa, when a pit bull running at large near Union Cemetery spotted a woman riding her horse in a field. The pit bull, named Kush, charged the horse, jumping and biting his hindquarters. The horse kicked the dog and threw its rider, whereupon Kush turned and attacked her.

The victim sustained open puncture wounds on her arm, and the horse had multiple lacerations. Both victim and horse required medical attention.

According to Newton Daily News, “Kush had previously been deemed a problematic dog by the city for a biting incident that occurred in February. Following the recent attack, he was placed in a 10-day, in-home quarantine.”

The dog’s owner, Ralph R. Grau, 71, of Newton, was cited with a misdemeanor for “not having the problematic dog properly muzzled and restrained.”

Meanwhile, a veterinary clinic in Cumberland County, New Jersey, has been fighting to save the life and limbs of a pit bull that was shot in the head, dumped near a road, and left for dead.

X-rays revealed that the dog had been shot in the jaw and its back leg were shattered by a bullet.

Dr. Ryan Gorman of the Animal Clinic of Millville told NBC 10 that “The dog is very lucky to be alive and so far is doing very well.”

The dog, whom rescuers dubbed “Mr. Biggs,” is embattled with puncture wounds and scars all over his body. Melanie Britton, of TLC Animal Rescue, described his condition as, “heartbreaking.”

“I can’t believe somebody would do this. Just leave him out there to die. He’s so sweet. He just wants love.”

Gorman hopes an orthopedic specialist can save the leg.

“Instead of being a simple break with just two pieces, there are multiple fragments.”

Cumberland County SPCA is launching a full investigation, and the search for the gunman continues.

[Image via Dezi/Shutterstock]