Tom Cruise The Reason Behind David & Victoria Beckham’s Latest Bickering? Claims Blasted

Tom Cruise

Is Tom Cruise the reason behind alleged bickering between David and Victoria Beckham? A new report claims so.

Cruise and his famous affiliation with the Church of Scientology has made for great tabloid fodder on multiple levels. It’s blamed for just about everything he does, and it’s used as a tool to fabricate stories over his dating life and the lack of time he spends with the daughter, Suri Cruise, 10.

A magazine claims that Victoria Beckham is discontent with her husband due to a supposed “bromance” with Tom that is “stirring up trouble” for their marriage. It’s written in the pages of the publication that Victoria “can’t stand” Cruise and his adherence to Scientology.

“It’s become a big issue,” claims OK! magazine’s source. “There have been multiple fights. She’s always been concerned about the way Tom pushes his beliefs on them.”

Gossip Cop refutes the report as “untrue.” It explains that the magazine even brought up the Beckhams’ son, Romeo, as someone they disagreed with Cruise over. OK! stated that Cruise pushed his Scientology views on David and Victoria regarding their son’s reported epilepsy. He allegedly told them the condition doesn’t require medical treatment and can be remedied by Scientology.

“That really upset Victoria, and she worries about Tom’s influence over David,” the magazine’s dubious insider said. “David understands Tom overstepped regarding Romeo, but he believes it’s in the past. He likes Tom and wishes Victoria would move on.”

GP deems the report all “dramatic and wrong.” A source said to be a mutual friend of GP and the Beckhams debunks OK!’s report as “not true.”

In a bombshell exclusive on Daily Mail last December, Tom Cruise’s alleged “bromance” story with Scientology leader, David Miscavige, also touched on the Beckhams. The article was based off information received from ex-Scientologists that included the ex-head of security Gary Morehead; former Scientology spokesman Mike Rinder; Scientology founder L.Ron Hubbard’s great-grandson; and a former personal chef to David Miscavige.

“Desperate to get his good friend David Beckham and his family to the base, he went to extraordinary levels to impress him,” the report read.

Gary Morhead said the Beckhams were eyed by Cruise to join Scientology several years ago. He wanted them to visit the Gold Base headquarters in Hemet, Califorinia.

“The Beckhams were due to come, but they never did,” Morehead said. “They leveled a field. You know the guys even learned about how to put patterns in the grass and stuff like that so it looked really well groomed.”

Morehead said the staff were diligent in making sure the grounds looked immaculate for David and Victoria Beckham.

“They’d do everything for Tom,” Morehead said. “They had the whole field laser leveled out because he was friends with Beckham, but he never showed up. They built tennis courts and they hired a top tennis pro ready to give Tom lessons or play with him. He was Scientology royalty.”

Nothing concrete ever happened with Tom Cruise and the Beckhams in terms of involving them in Scientology.

Novel Feed has a timeline of Tom Cruise and David Beckham’s “bromance.” The two met in 2003, but how they did is unclear.

The report shows various photos of the Tom Cruise when he was married to Katie Holmes, and their meet-ups with the Beckhams. In 2007, David and Victoria moved five minutes away from the Cruises in L.A. after David signed on with the L.A. Galaxy soccer team.

After 2008 and 2009, Tom and David reportedly “cooled down” their close friendship a bit. They had other projects in the works and were traveling abroad often. Following 2012, they completely stopped interacting. It was around the time of Tom’s divorce from Katie.

No one knows for certain what really unfolded, but reports will continue to spin various stories.

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