Christina Aguilera Prepares For Duet With Whitney Houston Hologram On ‘The Voice’ Amid Feud With Gwen Stefani & Blake Shelton?

Christina Aguilera The Voice

Christina Aguilera will reportedly perform a duet with a hologram of the late Whitney Houston during an upcoming episode of The Voice Season 10.

Although Christina Aguilera has yet to confirm the news, she did speak out earlier this week about the “exciting things” that are to come.

“I am sworn to secrecy,” Christina Aguilera stressed to Entertainment Tonight on May 9. “I can’t say anything, but I’m very excited about the finale. Very exciting things happening.”

Christina Aguilera has been on the show for years, but when it comes to her reportedly upcoming duet, the episode is sure to be among the most memorable, especially considering the ongoing rumors regarding her exit from the show.

Earlier this year, The Wrap confirmed The Voice Season 11 cast would not include Christina Aguilera and failed to mention the possibility of a future return. Instead, a source only spoke of the possibility of the returns of Gwen Stefani and Pharrell Williams.

According to the source, Stefani will “likely” return to the coaches panel in spring 2016 and will be joined by “a yet-to-be-determined combination of coaches, that could include Williams.”

As for The Voice Season 11, the coaches panel will consist of returning coaches Adam Levine and Blake Shelton, and new coaches Alicia Keys and Miley Cyrus.

During the last few seasons of The Voice, Christina Aguilera and Stefani have been alternating coaching roles with one another as the men on the show remained the same. But while Stefani was not supposed to be a part of The Voice Season 10, she was included in an advisor role for boyfriend Shelton’s team.

Although Christina Aguilera has never confirmed reports of an alleged feud with Stefani, rumors have been swirling for months claiming she is not happy about her romance with Shelton, or the reported raise they received for sharing their love on the show.

“Blake and Gwen are getting an interesting offer from the show’s execs,” a source told Radar Online in March. “Producers want the two of them to give fans a full-on love-fest this season when she is a mentor on Team Blake, and they are going to throw in huge bonuses for exclusives, such as on-air duets, engagements, etc.”

“[Christina Aguilera] is furious!” the report continued. “[She] wants Gwen out of the picture and is already throwing mini-tantrums about it. She said that Gwen is ‘not vocally talented’ and would not be on the show at all anymore if it was not for her relationship with Blake.”

As for how Shelton has responded to his co-star’s alleged issues with his romance, the source revealed that he hadn’t taken anything she said to heart.

“Blake really does not care what [Christina Aguilera] does or says,” the insider explained. “He is a completely different person now because of Gwen, so much more laid-back. He said that he’s grateful the show is the reason that he and Gwen found each other.”

During The Voice Season 9, as Christina Aguilera was taking a season off, Stefani and Shelton embarked on a romance with one another and in the months since, they have continued to appear on the show together. In fact, just days ago, Stefani and Shelton performed their new duet, “Go Ahead and Break My Heart,” which was written at the end of last year.

For more Christina Aguilera, tune into The Voice Season 10 on Monday and Tuesday nights at 8 p.m. on NBC.

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