Katy Perry Speaks Out Amid Orlando Bloom & Selena Gomez Cheating Rumors

Katy Perry is speaking out following reports that Orlando Bloom was allegedly spotted cheating with Selena Gomez in Las Vegas.

Though Katy has so far stayed mum regarding reports that Orlando, who’s she’s rumored to have been dating for the past seven months, was spotted getting a little too close to Selena this week, Perry took to Twitter on May 12 to post a pretty cryptic tweet that could be Katy’s way of giving fans an insight to exactly how she feels about the drama.

“Is that all there is?” Perry tweeted out to her more than 88 million followers in the early hours of May 12, alongside a link to Peggy Lee’s 1969 hit of the same name.

Katy didn’t reference Orlando or Selena in her latest social media message, though her latest Twitter post appeared to be pretty telling regarding how she really feels regarding the cheating rumors.

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Despite Katy not elaborating on just what her cryptic social media message meant, The Daily Mirror noted that the 1960s song has some pretty telling lyrics that could be Perry’s way of giving fans an insight into her take on the alleged cheating scandal rocking her and Orlando.

The site pointed out that “Is That All There Is” features lyrics like, “And then I fell in love, with the most wonderful boy in the world/We would take long walks by the river/Or just sit for hours gazing into each other’s eyes/We were so very much in love…/Then one day, he went away and I thought I’d die/But I didn’t.”

While Katy has neither confirmed nor denied that her tweet was a reference to her and Bloom’s relationship, a slew of fans replied to Perry’s message speculating that it was in fact in response to the rumors surrounding the current state of her and Orlando’s relationship after his recent Sin City run in with Selena.

Katy Perry Speaks Out Following Orlando Bloom & Selena Gomez Cheating Rumors

“I love you and I always will,” Twitter user @perryhudsons replied to Katy’s latest Twitter message shortly after the star tweeted on May 12, telling the “This Is How We Do” singer, “thank you for being amazing and don’t let any man get you down, they are irrelevant.”

“@katyperry selena who?” @GagaMonster21 replied to Perry’s tweet while social media user @hanabiship11 tweeted back to Perry, “selena and orlando. is it true?”

But while some fans suggested Katy’s tweet was all about Orlando and Selena on the 140-character site, other’s replied to the social media message to wish Perry well following the rumors.

“@katyperry hope you’re okay” @prismIove replied to Perry’s mysterious message, while Katy fan @katysdonut responded to Katy’s song tweet, “@katyperry is everything okay?”

While none of the parties involved have explicitly referenced the rumors, TMZ was first to report that Bloom was spotted getting cozy with Gomez while in Las Vegas on May 9 despite his romance with Katy, where a source admitted that Orlando and Selena were very “touchy feely” during their interaction at the Sin City club while Perry was in California.

The source also reported that Selena and Katy’s man than “started neck-nuzzling and embracing in a booth,” but noted that despite their allegedly flirty interaction in the Nevada city, Gomez left the club alone.

However, People denied that there was anything romantic between the two following the pretty incriminating photos posted by TMZ on May 10 and reported that, despite rumors they may have dated in the past, the two are “absolutely just friends.”

Do you think Katy Perry’s cryptic new tweet is about the current status of her relationship with Orlando Bloom? Do you believe reports that Orlando cheated on Katy with Selena?

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