May 15, 2016
Justin Bieber Goes Tree Climbing As Pal Jeremy Roenick Warns Orlando Bloom

Justin Bieber decides to spend time atop a tree in what has become his favorite sanctuary in Boston, Massachusetts, according to People. This was the day after his Purpose World Tour concert. Just a day prior to this Boston concert, Justin was spotted walking barefoot and feeding the squirrels in the same park. The superstar was apparently trying to relax after a very grueling musical performance.

Beliebers, or loyal Justin Bieber fans, claim that it is only natural for their idol to commune with nature, being a true nature lover. This makes sense, as The Biebs was snapped petting a tiger recently. However, there are those who believe that nobody climbs trees at the Boston Public Park. Still, others think that with all the money that Justin Bieber has, what he should do instead is find an expensive and exclusive park somewhere. After all, he does have access to his private jet at all times.

Therefore, there is a reason to believe that doing all these nature stunts is actually some sort of an impromptu, after-concert show by The Biebs. His perch atop a magnificent park tree is so reminiscent of a movie where a gigantic gorilla finds sanctuary in an urban jungle. Like King Kong, Justin Bieber seems to be telling the world that he need his privacy. A bodyguard was around to enforce the megastar's right to be alone.

However, this type of arrangement doesn't deter passersby from snapping pictures of the superstar on their smartphones. Justin Bieber has been so pissed with selfie requests from fans that he has issued a strongly worded directive on his social network pages that he will never, ever give in to any photo request in the future. Also, Bieber made it clear that he values every opportunity to chat with fans as opposed to having them take quick shots and then go away.

Bieber has also demonstrated on social media that he does not enjoy being idolized as it dehumanizes him. He claims that being put on a pedestal is the exact equivalent of a zoo gorilla. So let this be a warning to Justin Bieber aficionados at future Bieber meets or sightings.

Justin Bieber is not armed and dangerous, but he could be on the loose in a nearby park. If you approach him, be sure to keep your electronic devices in your pockets. Avoid sudden, jerky movements. Also, it won't hurt to assure the singer that you don't plan on pulling out your cell phone anytime soon. Instead, make an effort to strike a brief and meaningful conversation. That should make Justin Bieber feel a lot better about himself, his fan base, and the world.

Meanwhile, Justin Bieber's pal and NHL legend Jeremy Roenick seems to have an ultimatum for Orlando Bloom who has been photographed recently canoodling with Selena Gomez after the "Hands To Myself" singer's well-received concert in Las Vegas. As Gomez has learned rather poignantly, the saying "What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas" is an absolute lie.

Apparently, Selena Gomez had counted on the saying, only to be unpleasantly surprised that someone did manage to take shots of her and Orlando Bloom cozying up to each other in a drinking party after her stage performance. But who can blame Orlando for being unable to keep his hands to himself? Selena Gomez was just too gorgeous that night as she kicked off her Revival Concert series.

Anyway, Jeremy Roenick, according to TMZ, has this to say to the next Selena Gomez infraction by Orlando Bloom.

"Don't underestimate Justin Bieber --cause if push comes to shove with Orlando Bloom...he's taking the Biebs ALL DAY."

TMZ recalled that "Bloom and Bieber got physical over a woman back in 2014 -- when an altercation broke out at a restaurant in Ibiza."

It is unconfirmed whether Justin Bieber has heard of the recent Selena-Orlando leak or Roenick's preemptive defense of him. But it's always nice to have a friend come to one's defense even without being told. At a time when he has been sighted having some sort of crisis or contemplating his celebrity, spirituality, or sexuality, Justin Bieber needs all the real friends he can get.

[Photo by Mat Hayward/Getty Images]