Selena Gomez And Orlando Bloom: Justin Bieber Wants Her Back, Bloom Endures Katy Perry Split?

Selena Gomez and Orlando Bloom were caught together in Las Vegas last week, and right way, fans wondered how Gomez’s ex, Justin Bieber, and Bloom’s current girlfriend, Katy Perry, would react.

Although both Bieber and Perry have stayed silent in regard to the shocking photos of Selena Gomez and Bloom looking super cozy at the Light nightclub, reports have claimed the pics have enraged Bieber, while Perry will likely stay with her man.

In one of the latest reports, a source spoke of the possibility of a reconciliation between Selena Gomez, 23, and Bieber, 22, who was said to be “beyond jealous” over the photos of his ex-girlfriend and the 39-year-old actor. However, while Selena Gomez reportedly still loves Bieber, she simply cannot trust him enough to embark on a renewed relationship.

“[Selena Gomez] still loves him and if she thought there was any chance she could really trust him to follow through on his promises she’d love to be with him again,” an insider revealed to Hollywood Life on May 11.

Selena Gomez and Bieber have a history with Bloom. In 2014, amid rumors of a romance between Selena Gomez and Bloom, and also between Bieber and Bloom’s ex-wife, Miranda Kerr, the men were involved in a dispute and during their fight, Bloom reportedly took a swing at the singer.

“Justin wants a rematch with Orlando,” a second insider told Hollywood Life on May 11. “He regrets not kicking his a** when they got in that fight in Ibiza. He’s put on a lot of size in the last two years, this time he’s ready to do more than just duck Orlando’s punches.”

“As much as [Selena Gomez] feels bad for him and wants to swoop in and make him feel better, whenever she does that she’s the one that ends up getting hurt,” the source explained. “Right now she is trying to ignore him and trying to show him that she’s moving on with her life and doesn’t care.”

As TMZ reported on May 9, Selena Gomez hosted an after party at Light nightclub in the Mandalay Bay resort last Friday after kicking off her Revival Tour and Bloom was “a surprise, late addition to the party.”

According to a source, things between Selena Gomez and Bloom became “touchy feely” quickly and during their night together, they were spotted “neck-nuzzling and embracing in a booth.” However, while Selena Gomez and Bloom appeared to be quite hot and heavy in the photos shared by TMZ, the source confirmed the singer went back to her room alone after the outing.

As for Bloom’s girlfriend, Perry, a third Hollywood Life source claimed she has no immediate plans to part ways with Bloom, despite the photos of him and Selena Gomez.

“People are assuming she’s going to call it a day with him, but Katy has a very hard time ending things,” the source revealed. “Plus, she’s so into Orlando and he’s a smooth talker, this isn’t going to be cut and dried.”

Over the weekend, as Selena Gomez and Bloom enjoyed one another’s company, Perry was attending the Renaissance Festival in California.

Just last week, after Selena Gomez attended the Met Gala along with both Bloom and Perry, Bloom and Perry attended an after party together in New York City and Gomez enjoyed a quiet dinner with friends.

Selena Gomez has stayed completely silent in regard to the ongoing rumors regarding her and Bloom’s relationship, if they have one, and whether or not he cheated on Perry.

[Photo by Jason Merritt/Getty Images]