Chelsea Handler Opens Up About The Death Of Her Brother

Chelsea Handler brother death

Chelsea Handler opened up about the tragic death of her brother, according to Entertainment Weekly. The TV host said she had managed to find something positive in one of the most tragic events of her family.

Chelsea Handler grew up in a family consisting of six siblings and was the youngest one. And in 1984, when Handler was just nine years old, her older brother, Chet, died after he fell off a cliff in Wyoming. In her interview with People and Entertainment Weekly, Handler said that she wouldn’t wish it for anybody to see their parents fall apart.

“As hard as it was for me or for my brothers or sisters, [how did it feel] for my parents to have your own child in danger in that way? And then you can’t protect them and you couldn’t save them?”

But the family managed to find one positive thing out of the death of one of the siblings, as his death kept them as a tight-knit group, Chelsea Handler revealed, adding that it was “a beautiful gift” for their family because now they all value each and every member of the family.

It’s not the only “gift” from Chelsea Handler’s childhood, as the TV host grew up being the baby of her family, with all five older siblings taking good care of her. She admitted that she was their little wind-up doll.

“They took me everywhere, and I was a little rascal. They’d go to their high school parties and bring me because I had this attitude.”

But Chelsea Handler says she had always taken good care of Chet despite the fact that she was just nine years old. The TV host recalled that when Chet would come home from his engineering school, she would make him cereal, making it look as if she made him dinner and that she looked after him.

With all the memories about her late brother and the entire family, Chelsea Handler admits that sometimes the memories are all you need and you have to cherish them.

“You have all these beautiful memories, and that’s enough sometimes.”

Chelsea Handler debuted her Netflix talk show Chelsea on May 11.

The Heather McDonald vs Chelsea Handler feud is already a thing of the past, according to ET Online. At least for McDonald it is. In her interview with ET, McDonald revealed that the two have resolved their issues, and that “it’s all fine” now.

McDonald blamed her feud with Chelsea Handler on the fact that things got “taken out of context.”

“Quite honestly, I really started to feel for the girls when I went through that week. But no, we’re good, we’ve talked, and we’re fine.”

Chelsea Handler and McDonald participated in a little war of words earlier this year after the latter said a few things about Handler’s attitude during some of her podcasts. McDonald claimed she “100 percent lived in fear” while working on Handler’s Chelsea Lately show, which ended its run in August 2014.

McDonald also said the way Chelsea Handler treated her own staff was wrong. But Handler soon responded to McDonald’s accusations, saying she could quit anytime she wants. In her interview with ET, she even said McDonald was taking clothes out of her closet every day.

“Because if you’re that fearful — she was taking clothes out of my closet every other day. She wasn’t that fearful.”

But McDonald said she is looking forward to working with Chelsea Handler on her upcoming new Netflix show, which debuted on May 11. In fact, McDonald is even busy working on some of Handler’s other TV projects as well.

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