Damien Sandow Not Struggling To Find Work Following WWE Release

Mark Suleymanov

In a shocking move that sent the wrestling world into an uproar, longtime WWE performer Damien Sandow was released from the company last Friday. In addition to Sandow, WWE wished seven other performers well in their future endeavors.

It was an unceremonious conclusion to a career that left the WWE Universe wanting more. Sandow had several less successful stints with WWE earlier in his career, but after re-debuting in 2012, he seemed to find a niche for himself.

During his four-year run from 2012-16, Sandow was one-time WWE Tag Team champion (with The Miz), Money in the Bank contract winner (2013), and two-time Slammy award winner. However, after his run as The Miz's stunt double drew to a close, Sandow floundered on the main roster for the past year.

When his departure was made official, fans took to various forms of social media, getting #ThankYouSandow trending for several hours.

— WrestlePro (@WeAreWrestlePro) May 10, 2016

"The fans can expect to see Damien Sandow given the floor to contribute to Tier 1 in any way that he sees fit," Tier 1 Wrestling management said in a statement. "His presence will not only be a treat for the fans in attendance but also for the talent in the locker room who will undoubtedly benefit from his wealth of knowledge.

Sandow has so many years of experience that he's bringing to Tier 1. We're honored to have him, so our hands are up. We're going to allow him to do or say whatever is it that he wants."

Sandow is no stranger to being released from WWE and returning to the indies. When the WWE terminated his contract in 2007, Sandow worked for several independent promotions, including NWA, Ohio Valley Wrestling, and World Wrestling Council (WWC) in Puerto Rico. He found much success during that time, capturing the WWC Heavyweight championship on one occasion before re-signing with WWE in 2010.

Pro Wrestling Insider reported on Wednesday that WWE had released Sandow, not because of anything he did, but due to a change in direction. The company is looking to "freshen up the roster," and releasing Sandow was a part of the move. It's believed that Sandow has an open door to return in the future.

[Featured Image via WWE]