Toddler Dies In A Tragic Accident: Mother Forgets The Child Was In Her Car, Police Don't Suspect Foul Play [Video]

Chrissie Williams

The morning started like another for a local Mississippi woman. She got dressed with her 2-year-old daughter and headed out the door. The mother, for whatever reason, forgot to drop her toddler off at daycare and drove straight to work, leaving her child in her car all day.

"The mother immediately became distraught and ran out to her car and realized that the 2-year-old was still in the car""

The parents were distraught and couldn't understand how this could happen to them. They talked about precautions they took to ensure their daughter was never left in the car unattended. The police have not released the name of the parents or the child, MS News Now reported.

Kids And Cars reported that in as little as 15 minutes, the child can start to suffer life-altering brain or kidney damage. The experts warn parents never to leave their child in the car unattended; it only takes a few minutes for the child to suffer life-altering injuries.

It's just not worth the risk to leave your child in the car even for a moment. Take precautions this summer, and make sure you know you have your baby in the car to prevent a tragedy like this story. Kids And Cars explained a good habit to develop is "Look and Lock."

How it works is you look in your backseat each time you get in or out of your car. If you do this diligently, your child would never be placed at risk for a heat stroke (left in a car).

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