‘New Girl’: Prince Had Specific Requests Before Filming

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Prince had major love for the TV series New Girl and its star, Zooey Deschanel. On Monday night’s episode of Conan, Deschanel talked about the late artist’s guest spot and how Prince demanded, and not asked, that a few of his requests be honored before he stepped inside the studio.

Deschanel was one of the guests on Conan O’Brien’s late night show, and she talked about the time that Prince appeared on her series New Girl. Deschanel commented that Prince’s manager sent her an email that mentioned how the singer enjoyed the show and would love to make an appearance on it.

“He spent a lifetime cultivating mystique. And then one September day three years ago, maybe I got an email from his manager saying he liked watching the show and wanted to come on.”

When the writers wrote out the New Girl episode that Prince would guest star in, the singer wanted to review the list of celebrity cameos that would be in the party scene. While Prince always seemed like he can party with anyone, the singer apparently had standards over who could be in the same project as him.

Deschanel told O’Brien about how people from Prince’s camp made a comment that none of the Kardashian family should be in the same episode as Prince. Unfortunately for Khloe Kardashian and Kris Jenner, that meant that their cameos weren’t going to go any further than the cutting room floor.

Someone from New Girl knew some of the Kardashian family and had invited them to shoot their cameo appearance prior to Prince being on set. Deschanel said that she felt bad when she heard that Prince didn’t want Kardashian and Jenner in the same episode as him.

The Purple Rain singer didn’t make a polite request, he demanded that the two reality stars’ cameos be cut out. He also said that the filming crew needed to make a bonfire and throw the scripts and call sheets that mentioned the Kardashian name into the fire.

While Kardashian and Jenner did take the time to film their New Girl cameo spots, in the end, Prince was the major guest star in the episode. The production crew catered to his demands that the two women be left out in the final cut.

It’s not a big secret that Prince refused to associate with anyone that belonged to the Kardashian brand. Back in February 2011, Kim Kardashian-West attended a Prince concert in Madison Square Garden in New York City, which resulted in her getting kicked off stage by Prince himself.

At first, Kardashian-West was escorted to the stage and stood by the singer. When Kardashian-West just stiffly stood there and clapped to the music instead of letting go and dancing with Prince, he promptly told her to “get off the stage!” By the look on his face, Prince had zero regrets in doing that.

Prince was never one to bend down to appease certain people. It should have been no surprise to anyone that he wouldn’t allow people who are “famous for just being famous” to guest star on New Girl with him.

At least Lady Gaga, Justin Beiber, or other pop singers didn’t appear on the episode’s roster. In a 2012 episode of The View, Prince summed up what he thought about those performers.

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When asked by Joy Behar about his opinion of music current pop stars, he simply replied “Well, different strokes for different folks. I make music.”

While Prince didn’t hold back on his disregard for anything Kardashian, Kim will always remember the moment that the singer booted her off stage. The reality star posted an image of that infamous night on her Twitter after the news that Prince passed away a few weeks ago.

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