Sylvester Stallone’s Mother Steals Show At ‘Expendables 2’ Premiere, Despite The Fact That She Wasn’t There

Last weekend, Sylvester Stallone and his 90-year-old mother Jackie Stallone walked the red carpet at the premiere of The Expendables 2. Well, that’s what was reported by various news outlets. It turns out, however, that Jackie wasn’t actually in attendance at the premiere.

So who was the mysterious woman? According to Yahoo, it was Ivone Weldon, a woman who doesn’t have any real connection to the action star.

Apparently, a photo of the trout-pout faced Weldon was incorrectly labeled as Stallone’s mother by a photo agency. The photo was then picked up by several news outlets that failed to recognize that Weldon wasn’t Stallone’s 90-year-old mother. The Daily Mail, Radar Online, the Huffington Post, and yes, The Inquisitr, all ran with the photo of the woman who is not Sylvester Stallone’s mother.

What’s even worse is that several outlets ridiculed the woman for having a trout-pout, saying that she must have gone several rounds with Rocky. Of course, others noted that Weldon had fantastic legs for a 90-year-old woman and praised her for keeping herself fit.

The mistake wasn’t corrected until Sly himself spotted the errant photo on Access Hollywood.

Here’s the video from Access Hollywood.

Jackie Stallone has apparently had a lot of work down and she does somewhat resemble the woman who was spotted at The Expendables premiere. Still, it would be nice if people could refrain from insulting, and/or complimenting someone until they know who they were talking about.

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