Amanda Bynes Involved In Yet Another Car Accident

Amanda Bynes was involved in yet another car accident in Los Angeles Monday night, the Seattle Post-Intelligecer reports. This is, at least, the actress’s fourth accident since April, according to the Los Angeles Police Department.

The 26-year-old’s car was rear-ended by another vehicle in the San Fernando Valley, but police didn’t specify if Bynes was at fault for the collision. No one was injured or ticketed, and police officers left the scene after the driver and Bynes exchanged information.

Bynes was arrested on a misdemeanor DUI charge on April 6 after she got into a minor accident with a police officer. She plead not guilty in June and has a pretrial setting conference scheduled for September 12. She tweeted President Obama asking him to fire the cop who arrested her. He did not respond to the tweet.

In June, Bynes was involved in a hit-and-run when her black Range Rover grazed another driver’s vehicle at the intersection of Crescent Heights and Melrose. The LAPD said, “she didn’t even know she was involved in an accident.” The driver of the other car said Bynes sideswiped him when she tried to pass him on the right and that he called the police after she failed to pull over.

Bynes was involved in another accident earlier this month when a driver claimed her Toyota Corolla was rear-ended by Bynes’ black BMW on Ventura Boulevard. The driver, named Kisa, said the former Nickelodeon star seemed nervous when she took out her insurance card to exchange information.

After Amanda Bynes’ first accident this month, she deleted her tweets but left her name, avatar, and a link to her WhoSay page on her verified Twitter account. She was under investigation by the LAPD for her involvement in the hit-and-run at the time.