Why Donald Trump Is A Necessary Evil

why donald trump is a necessary evil

In the same manner that Star Wars needs a Darth Vader, Donald Trump can be just what America needs at this time in the country’s political history. Never mind if Johnny Depp says that Trump, if elected, is going to be the last president of the United States, as reported in Daily Caller. Trump is a necessary evil. He is the acid test of just how much American democracy can endure.

Since the start of his candidacy, the Donald has been subject to every kind of ridicule and disparagement. Yet what America doesn’t realize is that all the censure, clown acts, attack ads, etc. have only made these elections more interesting. To date, the Trump candidacy has brought out the best and the worst from competing politicians, prompting them to work on the double.

Thank God for Donald Trump, as the elections are no longer boring stuff but an opportunity to get one’s views heard. The Founding Fathers of American democracy never envisioned to deter any entrepreneur, reality show host, or even a demagogue from aspiring for the executive position. If not, there would have been safeguards early on.

People are talking about the elections, getting their views heard, even contemplating moving to another country in case the worst thing happens. Surely the galvanization of the electorate is not bad for the country or the American economy. Trump is like a shot in the arm, akin to a polio vaccine that inoculates the populace from future health threats.

Inoculation is the process of introducing a low-level bacteria or virus in the human body, with the purpose of making the host fight back, nudging the immune system to be more resistant and stronger. In the long run, Donald Trump can have the same effect on the American body politic. At the same time, a widespread paradigm shift may potentially make the collective mind sharper, having not only envisioned but actually experienced the exact opposite of a normal election.

What the status quo had in mind, during the pre-Donald days, was to have a president who is predictable, stable, likable and boring in speech. So, naturally, when someone comes along like Donald Trump, who is spontaneous, volatile, and speaks the first thing that comes to his mind, people get offended. Well, after being exposed to the Trump “virus,” the collective psyche of America will never be the same. It can only be faster, stronger, and smarter.

Right now, everything is up in the air as far as future U.S. foreign policy is concerned under a Trump administration, with the exception of one thing: Russia-United States relations. It is a well-known fact that Russian president Vladimir Putin adores Donald Trump, according to The Political Insider. American media has known this since last December. Somehow, Mr. Putin got wind of Donald Trump saying that if elected, he will work for closer Russian-American relations. And the rest is history.

Stronger ties between the two powers can get a lot more things done in international politics, particularly when it comes to annihilating terrorism, the single biggest threat to world peace. With the two countries working together instead of fighting each other or proving who is superior, a lot more things can be achieved. With greater and unprecedented cooperation, a rogue state like North Korea will have reason to watch its back and tone down its inflammatory rhetoric.

Finally, Kim Jong-un might end up having second thoughts about going ballistic. After all, there can be two instead of only one superpower unleashing nuclear warheads on North Korean territory.

America has always counted on a president with a steady hand and a mature spirit. With the introduction of Donald Trump into the political stream, spontaneous discussions and unrehearsed speeches will be the rule rather than the exception. It is easy to fear the unknown, but what if spontaneity gives way to honesty, transparency, and accountability? History might yet vindicate Donald Trump and reserve him precious real estate on Mt. Rushmore.

The electorate must learn to open its mind and look into possibilities undreamed of until the coming of the ultimate trump card in U.S. politics. Giving Donald Trump equal chance as any other candidate for the United States presidency is ultimately the best way to test if American democracy will still work under the worst circumstances.

[Photo by Mark Lyons/Getty Images]