Dating Site Aimed To Help Anti-Trump People To Match And Flee The Country

There’s a myriad of dating sites specified to people’s needs, whether it be BlackPeopleMeet, Christian Mingle, JDate for Jewish people, and so on and so forth. Well now, there’s a dating site that matches people who hate Donald Trump.

So, what’s the point of using a site that matched Donald Trump haters up? Where could such a match lead, you ask? Well, according to The Wrap, Maple Match “makes it easy for Americans to find the ideal Canadian partner to save them from the unfathomable horror of a Trump presidency.”

Taking a page from Donald Trump himself, the site put a twist on his slogan “Make America Great Again” by saying that the site is devoting itself to “make dating great again.” Although the site hasn’t had a launch date yet, many people seem interested in joining a site.

As far as the service goes, CEO Joe Goldman assured that despite people having fun with the news, this dating app is serious. “Absolutely this is serious! The 49th parallel is just a line and Americans and Canadians have so much in common… A lot of Americans are quite uneasy, that’s certainly a fact.”

The interest for an anti-Donald-Trump dating site isn’t surprising. As the Inquisitr reported, Donald Trump is hated to such a degree that the band Nickelback scored higher on a recent popularity poll. For some context, it’s the “in” thing to hate Nickelback.

According to the poll, the presidential hopeful is less popular than Nickelback, and having a head of lice is more appealing than having Trump as a GOP president. The individuals that took the Public Policy Poll ranked root canals, hipsters, jury duty, and the DMV higher than the GOP nominee.

MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow, reporting on the polls, explained the unfavorable results.

“To be fair, Mr. Trump only loses by single digits to some of these. I mean, he’s running pretty close to Nickelback. Overall, this is a list of things you do not really want to be losing to. It’s narrow, but a win is a win. Donald Trump is held in higher esteem than hemorrhoids by a margin of six points and he’s held in higher esteem than cockroaches by a margin of four points.”

In addition to results on Donald Trump, the Public Policy Poll also had something to say about Democratic hopefuls Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders.

“The PPP poll notes that both Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders are seen as ‘unfavorable’; Sanders has a three-point setback while Clinton’s favorability is down 19 points. Interestingly, however, Democrats polled said they would be more comfortable with Clinton as a potential nominee than with Sanders.”

[Photo by Tom Pennington/Getty Images]