Wendy Williams Tells Katy Perry To Get Rid Of Orlando Bloom After Suggestive Photos With Selena Gomez Surface

Wendy Williams is known for giving her opinion when it comes to celebrity relationships. When the man is accused of cheating, or if there’s even a question of infidelity, Williams goes on the offense and gets her crowd riled up. This past episode was no different as Williams offered advice to Katy Perry.

Katy Perry’s new boyfriend Orlando Bloom was spotted out and about with Selena Gomez. The two were snapped looking very cozy together, and if that’s not enough, Orlando Bloom got into a scuffle with Gomez’s ex Justin Bieber back in 2014. Around that time it was rumored that Gomez and Bloom were an item, but Bloom later denied it.

Even so, Wendy Williams has an opinion about these photos that have surfaced. She wants Katy Perry to get rid of Orlando Bloom.

“Katy Perry, leave him alone. We don’t need the headache. The speculation is out there, your boyfriend Orlando Bloom was caught with another woman. I don’t think he even cares about having a relationship with Selena, she’s just a comfort zone. I don’t even need the receipts of whether they slept together that night, he’s neck-nuzzling. Katy, give him his walking papers, he’s done.”

Here are the photos in question:

When the initial report came out via TMZ, it was said that the two met at a club in Las Vegas, Mandalay Bay to be exact. Sources told the outlet that things got “touchy feely” and the pair were “neck nuzzling and embracing” in the booth. That said, sources noted that Selena Gomez went back to her hotel room alone and didn’t take Orlando Bloom with her.

This bit of information is very interesting, considering just last week Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom were spotted at a Met Gala after party.

So why was Selena Gomez in Vegas? Well, according to People Magazine, she kicked off her concert there that Friday, and afterward she met up with Orlando Bloom. Sources close to the two insisted to People Magazine that they’re “just friends.”

The pictures suggest that it was just the two of them hanging out, when in fact, Gomez also partied with her crew, including Sami Miro.

Like Wendy Williams, once the pictures surfaced, everyone had their own reaction on Twitter:

Orlando Bloom’s game is out of this world. Famous for playing an elf and a pirate, pulls Katy Perry and Selena Gomez.

— Nick Molly (@Mollywood34) May 11, 2016

.@TMZ WTF!!!! First Off I was in Las Vegas nightclub Last Friday. They’re not even Kissing okay.

— Gavino Bernal (@GavinoBernal) May 10, 2016

Although it’s obvious that the pair are just friends, reports said that Gomez’s ex Justin Bieber was jealous, which isn’t too hard to believe considering the scuffle he got into with Bloom a few years back.

According to Hollywood Life, Bieber was upset about the whole thing, but got advice from an unlikely source. R&B singer Chris Brown reportedly put things in perspective for Bieber.

“Basically, Chris told JB not to trip on Selena and Orlando. He explained to Biebs that Selena’s only trying to make him jealous because she’s truly in love with him and wants his attention 24-7.”

[Photo by Ilya S. Savenok/Getty Images for Match]