‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Julian Makes A Big Move, Alexis Asks Questions, Michael Makes A Rescue, And Franco Pleads With Nina

'General Hospital' star William deVry

Thursday brings an action-packed episode of General Hospital. Spoilers share that Anna’s life remains in danger while Carlos is not in a good place. Alexis is facing some difficult truths, and Franco made a big move to try to win back Nina. In addition, there will be a bit of action related to Nathan. Where are things headed in the May 12 show?

As everybody saw during Wednesday’s show, Julian took a Cassadine dagger, met up with Carlos, and stabbed him in the stomach. Carlos had been promising to leave and never return once he got some money from Julian, but it looks like Julian decided to go with a more guaranteed plan. General Hospital spoiler previews share that during Thursday’s episode, Julian will kick Carlos into the river.

Will this really be the end of Carlos? Julian may think he has his problem solved, but General Hospital spoilers from SheKnows Soaps detail that Paul will soon manage to find Carlos and bring him back and this causes new issues for Julian and Alexis. Will he really be found alive and kicking after that intense battle?

Franco visited his mother Heather in jail and told her about how he felt he was becoming dark again. He talked about how Nina balances him and how he wants to win her back. This chat led Franco to try a pretty out-there approach to woo Nina and she soon found him naked and anxious to greet her. Will his ploy to get her back to bed where they mesh best actually work?

General Hospital spoilers detail that he will beg Nina to reunite with him and give him a second chance. Will his tactics sway her? Unfortunately for Franco, the buzz is that this approach will fall flat or that he will get interrupted by someone and be left feeling fairly embarrassed. Are Franco and Nina really done for good at this point? There may still be a glimmer of hope, but there are definitely still significant obstacles in their way.

As Anna remains stuck in the cooler, others start to realize that she is missing. She had a “visit” from Duke that will give her some strength, but she is still in a tough spot and surely fading quickly. Jordan and Paul will discuss the situation about how she is missing and Andre overhears the conversation. General Hospital spoilers indicate that Andre will express concern over Anna’s whereabouts and this likely irks Jordan as she’s struggled with Andre’s connection to Anna many times in the past.

Michael is said to make a big rescue on Thursday’s show, and fans have a hunch that he may somehow end up being the one to find Anna and get her some help. General Hospital spoilers have teased that she will be chatting with Griffin as the rest of the week plays out and Griffin will be revealing some kind of shocker to Anna and Sonny.

Sonny is anxious to find Julian, and he will surely find out that Julian had lied to Alexis about heading to Crimson. General Hospital spoilers note that Sonny and Alexis will cross paths again, and it seems he will tear into her for being naive when it comes to her husband. She has been trying to believe that her husband is being honest with her, but previews for the week have teased that an emotional and intense confrontation is on the way for these two.

What about Nathan’s condition? General Hospital spoiler previews show Maxie asking Griffin for an update on how Nathan is doing and the doctor looks rather grim. It seems certain that Nathan will be pulling through, but it may take a bit yet to see him fully recovered. As Maxie panics and waits, spoilers indicate that she will do a bit of bonding with Obrecht.

What will Alexis do when she finally realizes how deceptive Julian has been with her? What comes next for Anna after she is rescued, and how does Carlos survive the stabbing? Things are wild these days in Port Charles and General Hospital fans cannot wait to see what comes next.

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