Blac Chyna ChyMoji Might Hint At Sex Of Baby

The Blac Chyna ChyMoji craze is growing out of control, and there are some that estimate that she will make millions of dollars from the ChyMoji designed for her. However, there is one thing that has some Blac Chyna fans pondering. E! News was interviewing Blac Chyna and Rob Kardashian about the pregnancy and the ChyMoji release, and it was pointed out that many of the baby ChyMoji that has been seen are males, and that made some wonder if that is a hint to the sex of the baby.

Blac Chyna shot down that speculation very quickly, saying that there are male and female ChyMoji created. It seems that the fact the interviewer had seen more boys than girls was just coincidence.

The interviewer also asked about her favorite of the Blac Chyna ChyMoji collection. Blac Chyna said that the one of her bouncing on Rob was one of her favorites. When Rob was asked, he said that he just likes money, so the one with Blac Chyna’s hands dipped in money was his favorite. There are 700 different characters that are divided into 15 categories, and they also include adult-themed and LGBT categories as well.

Complex reported that Blac Chyna said the ChyMoji is an expression of her personality and diversity of life. Not only are there adult-themed emojis, but there is also a ChyMoji of a Bible and one of a hoverboard. The baby category on the ChyMoji app includes a number of possibilities, including one of her and Rob holding a baby as it pees in the air. That is one example where people began to believe that the sex of the baby is a male.

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The Blac Chyna ChyMoji was supposed to help unveil her pregnancy on Tuesday this week but she revealed it over the weekend instead. That was because she planned to reveal her pregnancy on Mother’s Day, but someone leaked it to the press ahead of that time, forcing her to move her plans up. Reps close to Blac Chyna alluded that it was someone in the Kardashian camp and that it happened because they have a TV show to produce.

Interestingly, the idea for the Blac Chyna ChyMoji app was based on one that Kim Kardashian helped make famous. When Kim released her emoji app, it ended up being downloaded about 9,000 times per second the first day it was on sale, making about $1 million a minute. Amber Rose, the ex-girlfriend of Kim’s husband, Kanye West, and the best friend of Blac Chyna, released one of her own and made $2 million on the first day.



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That is why many speculate that the Blac Chyna ChyMoji will make her millions, especially since she is attached to a member of the Kardashian family in Rob. There are also rumors that Kris Jenner is planning a reality show for the couple to showcase the pregnancy and birth of the child, something else that could make them millions of dollars.

According to Cosmopolitan, a Blac Chyna ChyMoji release party took place at the Hard Rock Café in Hollywood, which was also the celebration of Blac Chyna’s 28th birthday party. That went well, with a visibly pregnant Blac Chyna in attendance drinking water the entire celebration.

There are a lot of interesting options for people considering the app. There is an interesting photo of Blac Chyna slapping someone who looks an awful lot like Kylie Jenner, Rob’s sister who also happens to be dating Tyga, the father of Chyna’s first-born child. Also included are Blac Chyna ChyMoji versions of Bernie Sanders, Donald Trump, Chyna in a “Free OJ” shirt, and much more.

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