Lady Gaga On ‘American Horror Story’ And Being Called A Catholic Hypocrite

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Many have been wondering when, or if, Lady Gaga will be returning to American Horror Story, and while news of that sort is currently in short supply, Lady Gaga has come forward to talk about playing Countess Elizabeth on American Horror Story: Hotel, which would certainly indicate a fondness for the series. Meanwhile, Gaga has also responded to one Catholic website, taking offense to the presumptions made in an article that Lady Gaga and Steph Curry, among other celebrities, are merely Sunday Christians. The Lady had a measured response to that article, which she shared with fans and critics alike.

Lady Gaga Reacts To Claims That She And Other Celebrities Are Catholic Hypocrites

Religion is a touchy subject for many people, regardless of what side of the fence one is on, and it’s no different for celebrities, except for the fact that much of what they say and do is scrutinized to a greater degree. This is something Lady Gaga recently discovered first hand, when she found herself lumped in with a group of Catholic celebrities recently criticized for their beliefs by a Catholic website. The posting on Catholic Link, which was titled “From Lady Gaga to Steph Curry: 5 Things to Remember When Celebrities Share Their Faith,” suggested the mentioned celebrities used icons of faith to create trends yet aren’t at all religious.

In specifically mentioning Lady Gaga and others by name, the article accused such celebrities of “sharing Bible verses, quoting priests, and singing Christian music while at the same time still leading a typical Hollywood lifestyle void of Christian values such as modesty and purity.”

Unfortunately for Becky Roach, the author of the article, Lady Gaga happened upon the piece. As many of Gaga’s fans can attest, the “Til It Happens to You” singer rarely lets personal affronts pass without delivering a response of her own. Ms. Gaga addressed Roach by name in an Instagram post, which uses the story of Mary Magdalene to point out that even Jesus Christ himself was above passing judgement on another.

“Dear, Becky Roach Mary Magdalene washed the feet of Christ and was protected and loved by him. A prostitute. Someone society shames as if she and her body are a man’s trash can. He loved her and did not judge. He let her cry over him and dry his feet with the hair of a harlot.”

Lady Gaga went on to point out that regardless of celebrity status, there is even faith in Hollywood.

“We are not just ‘celebrities’ we are humans and sinners, children, and our lives are not void of values because we struggle,” wrote Lady Gaga. “We are as equally forgiven as our neighbor. God is never a trend no matter who the believer.”

Lady Gaga On Creating The Countess For AHS: Hotel

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Love her or hate her, one can’t deny Lady Gaga made her mark as Countess Elizabeth on the last season of American Horror Story, but it wasn’t just Gaga’s acting that made the Countess come alive each week. Ms. Gaga’s makeup artist, Sarah Tanno, revealed that Elizabeth had 65 distinctive looks throughout the 12-episode season of American Horror Story: Hotel, which required the collaboration of wig makers, hairstylist Frederic Aspiras, and costume designer Lou Eyrich, just to name a few.

“Lou and I spent a lot of time talking about how I feel about the character — like, why she wears her hair a certain way when she goes out hunting,” said Golden Globe winner Lady Gaga. “When [the Countess] walks into the room, it all belongs to her.”

Ryan Murphy offered his own insight into Lady Gaga, when he remarked that the singer was attracted to acting because it was something that intimidated her, and therefore, she was determined to conquer it. Gaga tackled her fear of acting by portraying Countess Elizabeth, someone who feels no fear at all, pointed out Murphy.

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