Cary Deuber Felt Embarrassed After LeeAnne Locken’s Outburst On ‘RHOD’

Cary Deuber takes her role as a mother and a health professional very seriously, and she was shocked when LeeAnne Locken decided to throw a drink at her Real Housewives of Dallas co-stars in a fit of rage. Shockingly, Cary had no idea that her co-star would be that upset even though she had previously sat down with Locken and gotten slammed for her behavior in the Dallas social circle. It’s no secret that LeeAnne is very serious about the charity world, but she may have ruined her reputation a bit with the glass throwing incident.

According to a new Bravo report, Cary Deuber is now revealing that she was shocked. She had no idea that LeeAnne would throw a glass at her co-stars, and she didn’t quite understand what had happened until it was all over. She admits that she felt embarrassed on her co-star’s behalf, and she was shocked that she found herself in that situation.

After Locken stormed out of the event space, Tiffany Hendra decided to issue a blanket apology to everyone who was affected by her friend’s meltdown. Cary Deuber admits that the apology was nice, but she didn’t feel that Tiffany needed to apologize for anything.

“Tiffany’s apology was a nice thought. However, I don’t really think you can apologize for someone else’s behavior. It wasn’t Tiffany’s fault. I do however appreciate the fact that she knew her friends behavior was inappropriate and cared enough about us to say she was sorry. Maybe she was just sorry to be associated with it…I know I was embarrassed to be there,” Cary Deuber reveals on her blog for The Real Housewives of Dallas.

Of course, Cary Deuber has already revealed that she’s had no interest in pursuing a friendship with Locken, and her behavior at the cocktail party for charity just seemed to confirm her decision. Why would she be friends with someone who lashes out at other women and throw drinks in social gatherings?

After the ladies left the gathering, they all went home to sleep. Not many of them had a chance to get a good night in bed because they were all drained and worried about what had happened. Deuber showed up for a charity donation the next morning and saw that LeeAnne was ignoring her. And Cary Deuber admits that her co-star was probably embarrassed by the behavior.

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“I know how that feels and I’m sure LeeAnne is ashamed of her behavior. I think LeeAnne is a wounded woman, as many of us are…It is hard to go through life without getting beat up by it. I always think of that when I’m interacting with my children. I never want them to have any of those wounds that are so easily given. I know there is no way to prevent them entirely but as a parent, you try. Wounds do make you stronger. I know I am a much stronger woman for them, but it does suck when you are going through the dark times,” Cary Deuber reveals on her blog for the show.

In her own blog, Locken reveals that she was simply having a meltdown, and she didn’t mean to push the Bravo camera crew around the way she did. She was clearly shocked and angry that her co-stars were ganging up on her, but throwing a drink and a glass is never the right solution.

What do you think about Cary Deuber’s perception of what happened on The Real Housewives of Dallas? Are you surprised that she is so surprised at LeeAnne Locken’s behavior?

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