‘Days Of Our Lives’ Spoilers: Chad And Abigail Face Heartbreak, Kayla Becomes Ill, And Nicole Moves Ahead On Her Plan Regarding Deimos

Hearts are breaking throughout Salem, and Days of Our Lives spoilers detail that there are more emotional moments on the way. Two people died from the flu epidemic during Wednesday’s show, and teasers detail that other Salemites will be contracting the virus in the days to come. What is coming up on the May 12 show?

Kayla has been at the center of the epidemic, as she has been at the hospital treating the patients flooding in looking for care. According to the Days of Our Lives spoilers from We Love Soaps, Kayla will start to experience the symptoms of the flu ravaging the town now too. Will additional lives be lost as this epidemic worsens?

Joey and Jade took off together for California, and Days of Our Lives spoilers share that they will arrive at their destination during Thursday’s episode. It seems that they will end up at Jade’s aunt’s place in the desert near Los Angeles. The place is described as being some kind of compound, and according to Serial Scoop, actress Siena Goines will be playing Aunt Simone. It seems that Aunt Simone will be a bit of a hippie, and viewers will be curious to see where things head on this front.

Steve has become quite worried about Joey, and earlier in the week, he was asking Ciara and Claire if they knew anything. Days of Our Lives spoilers hint that he may be getting key information from Claire as he digs for details, and he will soon take off for California himself to try to find Joey and Jade.

Nicole is working with Victor to take down Deimos, and Days of Our Lives spoilers note that there is a bit more on this front during the next show. Kate is said to catch Deimos and Nicole sharing a close moment, and this will surely push her to be all the more protective of what she thinks is hers in this scenario.

Will Nicole pull off her scheme successfully, or will Kate and Deimos uncover her ulterior motives and shut her down? It seems that Victor will be asking Nicole for an update on her progress with Deimos, but it doesn’t seem that she will have much to report yet.

Viewers will also see some heartbreaking moments related to Abigail and Chad in the next show. After everything that Ben did, Abigail checked into a psychiatric facility to try to heal and regain her balance. Days of Our Lives spoilers indicate that Chad will try to do a nice thing for his wife by taking Thomas and the rest of her family to visit her at the hospital. Unfortunately, this visit leaves Abigail quite upset.

Abigail is said to tell Chad not to visit or bring Thomas to visit again and this leaves Chad feeling devastated. It seems that Chad will end up agreeing to stay away, but fans will surely be wondering if this is the last they will see of Kate Mansi in the role. It is known that she is leaving the show soon, but so far, her final air date has not been confirmed. There is expected to be a gap of several months where Abigail will be out of the picture, and it sounds as if that gap will begin quite soon.

Can Abigail and Chad’s relationship survive this separation? Will anybody else perish as the flu epidemic worsens? Can Victor and Nicole successfully take down Deimos? Things are getting wild in Salem, and fans cannot wait to see what comes next on Days of Our Lives.

[Photo by Fernando Leon/Getty Images]