Should Maddie McCann’s Parents Be Suspects In Her Disappearance?

Madeleine McCann has been missing for just over nine years, with the recent passing of the ninth year anniversary of her disappearance earlier this month. The past nine years have led authorities in numerous directions in the search for the missing child — but none of their efforts have led them to her whereabouts, nor have they come any closer to knowing what happened to her that night in May of 2007. There have only ever been three suspects in this case, but no arrests have ever been made in association with Maddie’s disappearance. This raises the question that many on social media are asking: Should the parents of this missing child be re-examined as suspects in this case?

Closer recently reported on revelations made in why Kate and Gerry McCann were declared suspects by Portuguese detectives in 2007. Apparently there has been some confusion as to why the two were made “arguidos” in the first place, with people expressing disappointment that they weren’t made suspects in a case of child negligence. According to Closer, they weren’t charged with child neglect because authorities thought it was “normal” for British parents to leave their children unattended and without adult supervision.

In actuality, Kate and Gerry McCann were declared suspects based on evidence which indicated that they may have played a role in the disappearance of little Madeleine. That evidence included blood and cadaver dog findings, as well as the behavior exhibited by Kate McCann, who refused to answer at least 48 questions pertaining to the disappearance of her then-3-year-old daughter. Not long after they were declared suspects, Kate and Gerry McCann left Portugal. With no other avenues on which to investigate, Portuguese authorities lifted the “arguido” status off of Kate and Gerry, along with another suspect.

All these years later, there have been no direct changes in this case. What remains are the facts that cadaver dogs found traces of blood and scents indicating human decomposition in the rental apartment inhabited by the McCann family. They also found similar evidence in the trunk of their rental car — which wasn’t even obtained by them until after Madeleine’s bizarre and unsolved disappearance. These facts, among others, have led numerous people to demand that Kate and Gerry McCann be made suspects in their daughter’s disappearance. Meanwhile, others are demanding that they be held accountable for leaving Madeleine and her two infant siblings alone the night she vanished.

The night Madeleine McCann vanished, her parents enjoyed dinner and drinks at a nearby tapas bar. However, they left the 3-year-old tot alone with her young infant siblings with no adult supervision. They claimed to have checked on the children every half-hour or so, but somehow one of their children simply vanished into the night. Would things had been different for little Maddie had her parents used a sitter or stayed within sight of their apartment that night?

Do you think the parents of Madeleine McCann should be suspects in her disappearance and presumed death? Or should they be held responsible for leaving her alone the night she disappeared while they wined and dined with friends?

[Photo via Wikimedia Commons]