Blac Chyna Gets 28 Gifts From Rob Kardashian — Khloe Says ‘P****’ Got Him To Work Out [Videos]

Blac Chyna should be feeling pretty spoiled for her 28th birthday. The below videos show her gifts from Rob Kardashian for her birthday, which include plenty of colorful flower bouquets for Chyna, Rob’s future wife.

As reported by People, Blac Chyna is celebrating her first birthday since becoming engaged to Rob, and becoming pregnant with his child. On Wednesday, the 28-year-old Chyna celebrated her birthday — but her 29-year-old fiancé took the bull by the horns and began the birthday gifts early. Rob surprised Blac with 28 bouquets of flowers the night before her birthday. Each bouquet had a card to go along with the flowers, so Chyna can be seen opening the first card in one of the videos of the event.

It was via Snapchat videos that Chyna showed the world her flowers. Blac described how she was surprised by Rob in the wake of her launch party for the ChyMoji in Los Angeles. Recently, both Blac and Rob took to their Instagram accounts to tell the world the news about their baby’s impending birth. They both used baby emojis, with Rob posting an emoji of a bride as well.

In describing her surprise, Blac notes that all the flowers were a delight to her.

“Oh my God, I just walked into the kitchen, and I’m seeing all these flowers from Rob! Twenty-eight different cards. Look at how pretty this cake is. Happy birthday Angela, love Rob.”

With Blac Chyna’s real name being Angela Renée White, she recently filed documents for her Kardashian name, as reported by TMZ. Chyna took claim to the name “Angela Renee Kardashian” in preparation for marrying Rob and taking his famous last name.

Meanwhile, Blac’s gifts from Rob also included a white birthday cake. Of course with Chyna and Rob’s family history, the celebration also came along with continued drama, as seen on Keeping Up With the Kardashians.

The drama comes from the fact that Blac has a 3-year-old son with Tyga — a man to whom she was also once engaged. Tyga is now linked with Rob’s sister, Kylie Jenner. Despite all the drama that has flown across social media about Chyna and Rob and the rift their relationship has caused, the Kardashian-Jenner women are reportedly trying to move forward.

On social media, many in the Kardashian-Jenner clan wished Rob and Chyna congratulations on their pregnancy news. As reported by People, 18-year-old Kylie was told to swallow her pride about Rob and Chyna and the fact that Blac is Tyga’s ex and the mother of his son.

“The girls were super shocked at first about the pregnancy news, especially Kylie. But at this time, Kylie especially was pushed to swallow her pride and support her family, even if she didn’t want to. She’s doing it for the greater good of everyone involved.”

As reported by E!, Rob’s sisters discussed his relationship with Blac in a video snippet from the reality show.

Khloe mentioned to Kim how miraculous it was that Rob would hardly appear anywhere in public during the past three years — and not even come to Christmas celebrations — but has now created a Snapchat account. Kim credited Chyna for the change in Rob.

“[Blac] gave him confidence, more power to her. After Rob and Blac Chyna started dating, Rob is now like all over social media and like out and about. He hasn’t been like this in so long that even though there’s been some drama, if this is what it takes then I don’t care who he’s dating. I’m just so happy that he’s feeling better about himself.”

Khloe couldn’t help but mention that getting attention from Blac made Rob change, but Khloe also felt disheartened that Rob didn’t speak to the family about falling in love with Chyna first — especially in light of how much Khloe has helped him over the years.

“If some p**** is getting him to remove his braces and shave his beard and work out…He just has no loyalty.”

[Photo by Arnold Turner/Invision/AP]