'Tulips In Spring': Love Blooms In Hallmark Channel Movie, Starring Fiona Gubelmann, Kelly Rowan, And Lucas Bryant

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Tulips in Spring is an all-new original movie that is coming to the Hallmark Channel for your viewing pleasure.

Tulips in Spring is directed by David Winning and produced by Johnson Production Group. Originally titled Tulips in Rose, Tulips in Spring stars Fiona Gubelmann, Lucas Bryant, Kelly Rowan, Aliyah O'Brien, Kevin McNulty, Giles Panton, Mark Brandon, Iris Quinn, and Dave Walden, according to the list at Internet Movie Database (IMDb).

Rose Newell, a high-powered interior designer in Beverly Hills, is coming home to Payden Farms to look after her ailing father who was recently involved in an accident. Rose loved Payden Farms when she was growing up, since it is where she learned everything about growing flowers and beautifying the fields surrounding her childhood home. But since the accident, Frank can't take care of the farm anymore, which will greatly impact their financial future. With the annual parade coming up, Rose's family needs to get the farm up to par or else the business will go into default.

The Newells are hopeful that they can receive some assistance from Tom Novak, a handsome flower broker who promises to help them get the farm in tip-top shape. To pull it off, Tom will need Rose's help -- after all, she grew up on the farm and has the talent to make things grow. She knows everything about flowers, which falls right in line with Tom's brilliant idea to bring in revenue for Payden Farms.


Tom and Rose must act fast because someone has destroyed the gorgeous flowers and a competitor already has his heart set on buying Payden Farms when it flounders. Tom suggests that Frank grows a special tulip for an upcoming flower competition that is sure to bring in big money and a lot of publicity.

Rose's heart is torn, but she knows that she needs to help her family in this critical time of need. Plus, Rose is enjoying being back at the farms, which allows her to roll up her sleeves and work hard to get the flowers to bloom in time to enter the national competition. Meanwhile, Tom Novak is starting to have feelings for Rose, and the feeling is mutual. But will Rose head back to Los Angeles to take up where she left off with her boyfriend in the big city, or will her love of farming and her blooming relationship with Tom be the start of a new beginning?

Cast of Tulips In Spring, according to Hallmark Channel.

Actress Fiona Gubelmann

"Fiona is best known as the female lead opposite Elijah Wood on the critically acclaimed FX series 'Wilfred.' Fiona has a wide range of comedic and dramatic credits including: 'Mad Men,' 'New Girl,' 'Modern Family,' 'The League,' and 'Castle.' She recently wrapped leading roles in two Lifetime films: 'Mommy's Little Girl' and '911 Nightmare.' Recently she was seen recurring on the new NBC series 'Telenovela,' and in the spring will be recurring on YouTube's first scripted series 'Sing It.'"

Actor Lucas Bryant

"Lucas has made a name for himself in both Canada and the U.S. Born and raised in Elmira, Ontario, Bryant studied theatre and drama at Sheridan College in Oakville. He recently starred on Syfy's popular mystery series 'Haven,' based on the novella 'The Colorado Kid' by author Stephen King. It just wrapped its fifth and final season. Bryant has numerous television credits to his name, including 'Queer as Folk' for Showtime; 'M.V.P' for SOAPnet and CBC; 'Sex, Love and Secrets' for UPN; and CTV's 'The Eleventh Hour.' Bryant also starred in Lifetime's 'More Sex & The Single Mom' and 'A Very Merry Daughter of the Bride.'"


Oliver De Caigny, David Golden, and Timothy O. Johnson are executive producers on the TV movie. Filmed in Canada, Tulips in Spring airs this Saturday, May 14, at 9/8 p.m. central on the Hallmark Channel.

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