Bethenny Frankel And Eric Stonestreet: How She Jump Started The ‘Modern Family’ Star’s Sex Life

We’ve heard about the odd pairing of Bethenny Frankel and Modern Family star Eric Stonestreet for months now. Neither confirmed that they were ever a couple, or at least exclusive with each other, so here’s a fun tidbit. Apparently, Bethenny Frankel improved Eric Stonestreet’s sex life.

To clear up the “are they or aren’t they” of their relationship, Eric Stonestreet was a guest on Bethenny’s SiriusXM radio show B Real with Bethenny. On the show, they talked about those dating rumors that stemmed from last summer, as well as Eric Stonestreet’s sex life.

The two teased their relationship for their introduction.

Frankel said, “People want to clear up our dating rumors, so you can clear them up or I can clear them up. I mean, are we getting engaged today on the radio? Should we tell everybody?”

Stonestreet followed suit by joking that he brought over a huge ring. Then they got down to business and didn’t spare any details of their first initial meeting. According to Eric, they met at one of those typical “douchey, Hollywood industry parties.” He then revealed that at the time, she had no idea that he was straight, probably becaus he plays the very flamboyant Cam on Modern Family.

“As you had no idea I was straight in real life, I had no idea who you were. Sorry!” Stonestreet said. “When she said, ‘This is the queen of reality,’ I thought…she meant you were like the queen bee reality agent. You were like a CAA agent that would put me on a show. I’m like, ‘OK, yeah. Thank you. Nice to meet you. So good.’ As I started talking to you, she said something about Skinnygirl, and I said to you, ‘Oh my God! You created Skinnygirl?'”

Then, here’s the real bomb. Stonestreet then told Frankel that she’s gotten him laid from her Skinnygirl products.

When they exchanged phone numbers, Frankel admitted she didn’t think anything would ensue but a platonic relationship.

“I thought we were going to be shopping for skirts together.”

Then Stonestreet saw her leaving with another man, and Eric stopped her to say, “Why are you talking to these guys? I’m the most interesting person here.”

Frankel was so impressed that she reached out to her assistant to see if Stonestreet was gay, and when she found out he was straight, she was blown away.

“So, I texted you and said, ‘Holy s–t! You’re an amazing actor. No! I asked my assistants: ‘Is Eric Stonestreet [gay]?’ Because I didn’t even know your name. I knew you were Cam [a character on Modern Family]. I said, ‘Is he gay?’ And they said, ‘F–k no! He’s from Kansas City. He’s such a guys’ guy. He’s into sports. I was like, ‘Oh!’ And then we had lunch the next day, and here we are getting engaged.”

Once the paparazzi caught them on the street during one of their first encounters, Eric Stonestreet said he had received calls from friends who wanted to know if he was dating Frankel. Most were hopeful that Stonestreet had found love.

“I got so many texts about all of that from people like, ‘Please tell me it’s true.”

Towards the end of the segment, the two laughed about the gossip, in addition to the Skinnygirl products, helped with Eric Stonestreet’s sex life.

The Modern Family actor joked about future testimonials from girls, “‘Thank you, Bethenny: I f**ked Eric Stonestreet because of you.'”

Stonestreet has also been linked to Charlize Theron, a relationship which he has denied.

[Photo by Slaven Vlasic/Getty Images]