Josh Duggar Spotted Posing With College Girls At Graduation, Looking ‘Gloomy’ At Mother’s Day Party In Pensacola [Video]

Josh Duggar was spotted looking bored during a Mother’s Day celebration at a restaurant in Pensacola, Florida, marking the second time that Duggar has been spotted since returning from rehab. Although the rest of the family appeared to enjoy the special occasion at the Cactus Cantina, eye witnesses said that Josh looked disengaged and like he definitely wanted to be elsewhere.

Speaking exclusively to In Touch magazine, a source on the scene revealed that Josh “seemed not to be having a good time,” as he celebrated Mother’s Day alongside the rest of the Duggar clan, which included wife Anna and mother Michelle Duggar. In fact, it seems Josh looked quite “gloomy,” and in a photo taken by an eye witness, viewers can see that Josh is leaning with his head in his right hand, looking as if he’s just trying to power through the occasion.

An eye witness at the restaurant confessed to In Touch that although “Anna had her back to us…occasionally she would move around and she was smiling. She looked very much at ease.” Similarly, the Duggar matriarch, Michelle, also appeared to enjoy the Mother’s Day festivities, reportedly wearing a big smile during the occasion, but “Josh kept that phone up to his ear,” an insider revealed, adding that Josh “definitely did not seem to be having fun.”

Josh and the rest of the Duggar clan were in Florida, not just for Mother’s Day, but also to attend a friend’s graduation from Pensacola Christian College, according to the Facebook group, “Duggar Family News: Life is not all pickles and hairspray.” While the rest of the family traveled in the tour bus, it appears that Josh, Anna, and their children were relegated to a different vehicle.

At the graduation, Josh posed for a selfie with local college girls while holding his son, Marcus—a photo which has raised more than just a few eyebrows given that Josh just completed a six month rehab stint after admitting he cheated on his wife, Anna.

While it’s not clear whether the young girls asked to be photographed with Josh or if he just happened to accidentally photobomb while holding his son, sources suggest the co-eds purposefully asked for a photo with Duggar. It’s possible that since Josh is in the media so much, the two girls simply saw an opportunity to grab a snap with a notorious tabloid star.

Sources close to Josh Duggar tell a different tale, however, revealing that most people are actually avoiding Josh. At a different family friend’s graduation, an eye witness confessed that while Josh looks “really good” and the former reality star “has dropped a lot of weight,” he’s become a social pariah and “most people had been avoiding them” at the event.

Josh was spotted for the first time since leaving rehab at an Arkansas mini-golf course, where witnesses said that local families felt uncomfortable that the reality star was present. Last year, an old report surfaced that revealed that Josh Duggar molested several young girls when he was a teenager — knowledge that would make any parent of young girls uncomfortable.


In the photo, published by In Touch, Josh is smiling, standing next to his father, Jim Bob, who appears equally relaxed.

While parents at the mini golf location were uncomfortable with Josh’s presence, according to sources at the Cactus Cantina, the Duggars were welcome as they chowed down on the local menu. The restaurant is reportedly a Duggar favorite, and describing the other diners as “friendly” towards the Duggar family, a source said the patrons “seemed perfectly happy the Duggars had been there.”

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