May 11, 2016
WWE News: Bray Wyatt Update -- When Will The Eater Of Worlds Return To WWE?

Nearly a month ago, Bray Wyatt joined what seemed like the never-ending list of injured WWE superstars when he hurt his calf during a match with Roman Reigns in Milan, Italy, on WWE's annual European tour. The injury appeared much worse than it eventually turned out to be and Wyatt avoided a long stint on the sidelines. During Tuesday's quarterly WWE conference call, Vince McMahon noted that many of the company's top injured stars, including Bray Wyatt, would all be returning within 30 days.

The other top talent missing from action recently include John Cena and Seth Rollins. It appears WWE will bring Cena back first, as John tweeted that he'd be coming back for the Memorial Day episode of Monday Night RAW back on April 25. Seth Rollins and Bray Wyatt won't be far behind, but WWE may bring them both back with less fanfare, in order to take advantage of the element of surprise.

PWInsider is reporting that while Wyatt will be back sometime during that 30-day time-frame that Vince laid out, it is still expected that Bray will still need a few more weeks before he'll be able to wrestle. For an injured superstar like Neville, for instance, WWE would not bring him back until he's physically cleared to compete. Neville's gimmick is largely wrestling-focused, whereas someone like Bray Wyatt can come back earlier and deliver compelling promos before he has to actually wrestle a match.

Bray Wyatt
[Image via WWE]Earlier this week, the entire Wyatt Family began tweeting hints at their impending return, including Luke Harper, which may be a bit of a surprise. Harper suffered a knee injury during a RAW dark match and required surgery which will likely keep him out of action for an extended period of time. If he was a singles competitor, it'd probably be a good while before we saw him on WWE television, but since he's a part of The Wyatt Family faction, there's a chance he'll appear without competing, much like Bray.

Before Bray Wyatt's injury, WWE was planning on a Wyatt Family vs. League of Nations feud that would have seen the two stables battle it out at Payback. The injury scrapped those plans completely, as after Bray went down, the League was dissolved. King Barrett has been released, though he would not have factored into that program at all. Rusev moved on to a feud with Kalisto for the United States Championship, and Sheamus and Alberto Del Rio may be feuding with each other, but they each missed this past week's episode of RAW.

bray wyatt's wwe return
[Image via WWE]The bigger picture in that potential Wyatt Family/League of Nations feud is the eventual face-turn of Bray and his followers. It's not clear whether WWE will continue down that path as it never completely got off the ground in the first place. Plus, there's currently a dearth of top heels and it is expected that Rollins will return as a babyface as well. The other key thing to consider is that the company had penciled in a huge match for SummerSlam which would have pit Bray Wyatt against Brock Lesnar. It's not clear whether a Wyatt face-turn would have precluded them from moving forward with that program, but Brock and Bray had been teasing a showdown since even before the Royal Rumble.

If Wyatt still needs a "few more weeks" before being cleared to wrestle, it's unlikely we'll see the Eater of Worlds at Extreme Rules. But it's certainly possible he, Erick Rowan, and Braun Strowman could be involved in Money in the Bank in some capacity on June 19. There's still Battleground on July 24 to consider before SummerSlam even hits.

As Vince McMahon said during Tuesday's conference call, WWE will be looking at perhaps its biggest roster ever in the next month or so, and Bray Wyatt should certainly play a major role in its evolution.

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