‘Teen Mom 2’ Star Jenelle Evans Claims MTV Edited Her To Be The Bad Guy, Denies Drug Use, And Says She’s A Good Mom

Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans is firing back and poking holes in MTV’s clever editing. Evans claims that the way MTV edited the scenes made Teen Mom fans think she was doing drugs or being a neglectful mother. According to Radar Online, Jenelle denies drug use and wants her fans to know that she loves her children and is a good mother to them.

Jenelle claims in the above Sneak Peek that the way the show was edited gave the impression that she may be using drugs, again. In the scene, her mother, Barbara, arrives at her house and finds the children minus Kaiser playing outside unattended. Jenelle, David, and Kaiser were locked in her room. Barbara calls for Evans to come out, only to hear the Teen Mom 2 star scream at her mom to leave her alone. This scene seemed to imply Evans was not in a good place, but is it possible that it wasn’t exactly as it seemed?

According to Jenelle, MTV never filmed her that day. She claims that the video is confusing because it mixed several days shooting into one, which distorted the events that actually happened that day.

“I didn’t even give them permission to come inside my house. They used a different scene from a different day to make it look like they got my reaction to my mom but that is a lie. I didn’t know they edited scenes like that!”

Immediately after MTV aired the Teen Mom 2 Sneak Peek, fans reacted with hateful comments toward Evans. They ranted on social media, calling her everything from a drug addict to a terrible mother for leaving her kids outside unattended.

Jenelle claims that on the day of the filming, she locked her door so she could put her makeup on for a planned lunch with her mother. Apparently, she had scheduled a filmed lunch with her mother, and she was trying to get ready for it. Evans was not expected to shoot at her house that day, and she has no idea why her mother would claim she was on drugs or not taking care of the kids.

“My mom said that [I was doing drugs] outside of my door to David when I was doing my makeup. I was in the bathroom trying to do my makeup! That’s all I was doing and my mom freaked out that I locked her out of my room when it was really to lock the kids out, so they would leave me alone while I did my makeup because we were about to film me going to lunch with my mom.”


For a quite while, fans have felt that Barbara’s demeanor felt scripted at times, and Evans’ explanation of the video pretty much verifies that conclusion. In the scene, David and Barbara argued about Jenelle because she refused to come out of her room [or that’s how MTV producers edited the show]. But according to Hollywood Gossip, Jenelle claims MTV did not shoot any scenes with her that day at her house, and they only filmed David and Barbara.

Evans explanation makes sense and goes along with what her co-star, Leah Messer, has claimed for a few months. The one thing it doesn’t address is why were the children outside alone while their Mom was in the bedroom and/or bathroom? It seems pretty likely that the issue will never be cleared up because when she was asked about the incident, Jenelle responded by claiming that she “loves her kids and was not doing drugs.”

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[Photo by John Parra/Getty Images for GBK Productions]