‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Franco Takes Desperate Measures To Salvage His Relationship With Nina

Another soap couple seems to have fallen apart. It looks like it is over for Franco and Nina on General Hospital, as they have both walked away from their relationship. It was not an easy decision for either of them, and it certainly wasn’t easy for fans to see them split up. However, there may still be chance that these two may just get back together.

Franco is not giving up at all. In fact, it looks like he will be going to extreme measures to try to win his girl back. In the previews for Wednesday’s episode, he is seen waiting impatiently for someone to make an appearance. Who is it? It looks like Heather Webber is getting a visit from her son, as reported by Celeb Dirty Laundry. She is locked up for all of the crazy things that she has done. So, why is Franco even bothering to see her?

General Hospital star Robin Mattson
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Desperate times calls for desperate measures and Franco is definitely getting to that point if he is enlisting his mother for help in getting Nina back. Heather’s history on General Hospital is notorious for causing all sorts of trouble. She is not one to mess with, but Franco goes to see her anyway.

Kiki Jerome has gotten close to Franco these past few months and she knows just how desperate he has become to get back together with Nina. Kiki is expected to go to her to discuss a possible reconciliation with Franco.

Nina walked out on their relationship after Franco refused to give her a baby that she so desperately wants in her life right now. Her need to be a mother has taken over, and since Franco has no desire to be a daddy, Nina decided to end things with him. However, Kiki is not giving up on them. She will tell Nina that Franco is losing his mind over their breakup. It certainly looks that way if he is choosing to go see Heather. After all, his mom did try to kill Nina.

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How could Heather possibly help him get back with Nina? He could be visiting with her to ask her about having babies. It may sound crazy, especially getting advice from this woman, but Franco is so worried about passing his DNA to his child that he may need some questions answered from his mother. It is anyone’s guess as to what he really wants from her, but viewers will soon find out on Wednesday’s episode of General Hospital.

It could get interesting if Franco does end up changing his mind about having kids with Nina. That is what she wants most of all is to start a family with him. According to We Love Soaps, Franco will be making a plea for a second chance on Thursday’s show and that could mean that he goes to Nina to ask her to forgive him. But will he be willing to give her the baby that she wants?

If Franco is still adamant about not wanting to be a father and Nina rejects his plea to get back together, there is always Elizabeth who is fast becoming an unlikely friend to him. Franco had been giving Jake some art therapy until Jason Morgan talked Liz into canceling the sessions with Franco. The poor guy just can’t catch a break lately.

If things do not work out with Nina, he may just end up turning to Elizabeth for comfort. General Hospital fans seem to be okay with those two having a friendship, but anything other than that has not been going over very well at all.

It sounds like Heather Webber will only be seen for one day, but you never know when she will pop up to cause more trouble on General Hospital.

Do you think that Nina and Franco will end up together after all? What are your thoughts on a possible hookup with Franco and Elizabeth?

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