Harry Styles’ Solo Career Is Getting Serious

harry styles

Harry Styles has been restyled in more ways than one, according to the Sun.

[Harry], who just lost his long locks, is heading in a different musical direction…IT’S all change for HARRY STYLES – as he gives the first official sign he is set to embark on a solo career.

The reason for Harry Styles launching Erskine Records was also revealed: Styles “launched a company to deal with his earnings as a solo artist.”

Speculation about Erskine began yesterday when some registration details started floating around on the web. Harry Styles was listed as the director of a record production company.

The Sun spoke to a music insider who said, “Harry has never addressed the prospect of a solo career but this is the most real sign it is happening. He has more than 30 songs ready for an album and he is putting the wheels in motion.”

Harry will be able to manage his earnings via his new company, Erskine Records, and he will probably give some of those 30 songs to other acts after he culls them and selects the ones that work best for him.

Billboard previously reported about four of the songs Harry has written.

“5378 Miles” sounds like it could be about Harry’s days touring and the pain of being far away from his friends and family. “Already Home” might be about finding love or friendship on tour — perhaps handsome Harry spent a night in the arms of someone who made him feel like he was “already home” though he was far away from Cheshire doing stadium tours every night.

“Coco” might be about the ingredients that are required to make something pleasurable. Coco without sugar is actually quite bitter — perhaps Harry plans to sing about how bad experiences contribute to giving life flavor and character (as long as there is some sweet stuff or “sugar” thrown in as well). “Endlessly” sounds like the title of a love song a la “I love you endlessly” but it could just as easily be a song about the strain of touring, which was definitely on Harry’s mind over the last few years. The guys were in tour buses and planes and interviews “endlessly,” and the members of One Direction have spoken about how they traveled to all these different cities and experienced so many things, but it was actually a blur because they shot to fame so quickly, their schedule was so packed, and sometimes it was hard to even remember where they were or what day it was.

In other Harry news, a lucky fan managed to see the hunk without a hat. The fans reported that Harry Styles’ hair is not actually that short, and his new haircut looks “amazing!”

Harry seems to be aware of the phenomenon of bad moods immediately after a workout (sometimes referred to as gym rage). The heartthrob warned swarming fans that he would not be taking pictures because he just worked out. Either Harry was feeling hangry (hungry-angry) or he was disinclined to be photographed with workout shine across his face.

Everybody still reported that Harry Styles was super nice as always. How does he do it?

Are you looking forward to Harry Styles’ solo work?

(Photo by John Marshall/Invision/AP)