Nicki Minaj: Safaree Samuels, Her Criminal Ex, Won’t Leave Her Alone

Late Tuesday night, Nicki Minaj launched into an intense Twitter tirade aimed at her ex-boyfriend, rapper Safaree Samuels, claiming that Samuels is a “pathetic” liar who stole from her and should just leave her alone.

Nicki Minaj and Safaree Samuels dated from 2002 until August 2014, reports The Daily Mail, at which point Minaj began dating another rapper, Meek Mill.

It was only recently that Samuels sued Minaj for (allegedly) physically and emotionally abusing him, as well as robbing him blind. Samuels claimed he had produced two of Nicki Minaj albums and written many of her songs, but she had given him nothing in return and then bolted without compensating him. Basically, Samuels claimed, he had played a major role in making Nicki Minaj the superstar she is in 2016 but had been swindled out of any payment.

Although Samuels decided to file the suit back in late 2015, Minaj was not actually served with a lawsuit until May 9, three days after Meek Mill’s birthday. Nicki lost it when she got the papers, and she hit back at Samuels… hard.

Minaj started off calmly enough, with a passive-aggressive tweet about how some people (one can be pretty sure she was talking about Samuels) get jealous that they can’t live in superlative wealth like some others.

It is unknown what set Nicki off in the next seven hours, but she came back with a huge torrent of incredibly harsh tweets that were in no way passive. Disclaimer: much of Minaj’s series of tweets have been edited out to keep this article from being too long. If you want to see the rant in full, head over to Nicki’s Twitter by clicking here.

Now is when Nicki seemed to get hysterical, going so far as to hit caps lock and use excessive amounts of exclamation points.

Were those criminal allegations?

That last tweet made it seem like Minaj is going to pay up just to get Samuels out of her hair. It was only sent out five hours ago, though, so no action has been taken, and there is a high probability we will be seeing more tweets from Nicki on the subject before long.

Of course, Nicki Minaj’s lengthy rant caused her name to trend on Twitter, and Minaj fans voiced their support of Nicki’s plight by the dozens with tweets of their own, many of which Minaj retweeted.

Obviously, Nicki Minaj is very steamed indeed. Meek Mill seems to be staying out of it, as The Inquisitr reported previously that he has already attempted to set aside his differences with Samuels, but his girlfriend is a different story.

Again, it is highly likely that Nicki Minaj has more to say to Safaree Samuels, and this article will be updated with developments in the story as they happen.