BP Recalling Regular Unleaded Gas From Whiting, Indiana Fuel Storage

BP is beginning a recall of regular unleaded gas that was shipped from the company’s Whiting, Indiana fuel storage terminal between August 13-17 after drivers are reporting problems with their cars using the fuel.

The company alerted their northwestern Indiana fuel distributors about the recall, saying that they believe that fuel stored in a tank in Whiting could cause hard starting, stalling, and other drivability issues, reports Business Week.

BP is also asking any customers who have had these problems since August 13 to contact the company’s customer hotline at 1-800-333-3991.

The Chicagoist notes that a dozen cars came into a Merrillville, Indiana car dealership after the bad fuel caused their cars to not start. The average cost to drain and repair the problem was $1,200. Another GMC dealership in Merrillville also reported 30 vehicles that came to them with problems after using BP gas.

Other reports of issues after the bad gas came in from Crown Point, Valparaiso, and New Buffalo, Michigan. The cars began rolling into repair shops and dealerships with starting issues last Monday.

The Chicago Sun Times notes that Tony James, the owner of Northwest Indiana Auto Supply in Merrilville, said he received many calls from dealerships and customers who were having starting problems. James’ shop supplies parts to a large number of local dealerships, and also has a retail parts business.

BP is going through its shipping records on the recalled gas and contacting customers who may have loaded tanker trucks from the terminal with the bad gas during the affected period.