‘The 100’ Season 3, Episode 15: Clarke Uses Flame To Defeat Alie? How Roan And Ontari Are Involved

The 100 Season 3 is coming to an end. Episode 15, titled “Perverse Instantiation – Part One” airs Thursday on The CW. What can fans expect from Clarke, Bellamy, Octavia, Raven, Alie and the other characters? A new sneak peek has been released, which reveals Clarke’s new plan to defeat Alie.

The upcoming episode of The 100 is the first of a two-part Season 3 finale. The few remaining Sky Crew that have not taken Alie’s chip are desperate to save everyone. Alie is getting stronger by the moment. That was proven when the artificial intelligence was seen in the City of Light with her army.

When working on the mainframe in a previous episode of The 100, Raven also noticed Alie’s growing army. Even though she used to be part of the A.I. Team, Raven was surprised by how quickly Alie was gaining followers. She also saw something else on the computer monitor. Knowing how to read Alie’s code, Raven discovered a building, which could be the Citadel. In addition to the structure, Raven told Monty there were also thousands of mines.

The Sky Crew has worked hard to find a way to stop Alie. However, all of their efforts have failed. So, what is their next move?

“Clarke (Eliza Taylor) finds hope in the most unlikely place,” The 100 Season 3, Episode 15 synopsis reads, according to the Futon Critic. “Meanwhile, Alie’s (guest star Erica Cerra) master plan comes together.”

The press release for “Perverse Instantiation – Part One” does not reveal much information. However, there are theories on what could happen on Thursday’s episode. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, the Sky Crew may not be able to battle Alie from the inside. The characters might have to go inside. The theory wasn’t perfect, but it did share a few similar ideas to Clarke’s new plan.

The 100 Season 3, Episode 15 sneak peek reveals a few details on what Clarke plans to do next. In the video clip for “Perverse Instantiation,” Clarke, Bellamy, Octavia and Jasper reunite with Raven and Monty. As fans know, Luna will not be joining the Sky Crew and refused to take the Flame.

Instead, the four characters brought King Roan. With a bullet wound in his arm, courtesy of Bellamy, the leader is gagged and put into a cell. Even though it looks like Roan was taken prisoner, it seems odd that it was so easy to take the leader down. In any case, Clarke tells Roan about Alie being a threat to everyone, including Ice Nation.

Clarke says the only way to stop Alie is to get the information off the Flame. This is where Roan comes in. They need him to get into Ontari’s head. However, the leader doesn’t seem to interested in Clarke’s crazy plan. Instead, Roan bravely states that Ice Nation is not afraid.

“You should be. This thing doesn’t care what line you’re from. It controls people and it will take over the Ice Nation, just like it took us over,” Bellamy tells Roan in the “Perverse Instantiation – Part One” sneak peek. “One person at a time until there is no one left.”

It appears that Roan might agree to Clarke’s plan. Spoiler TV posted promotional images for the next episode. A few of the photos reveal Clarke and Roan entering Polis. Not only do the two characters enter the city, but Roan has Clarke gagged and a knife is to her throat. However, will the plan work or will this be another failed attempt to destroy Alie in The 100?

The CW airs The 100 Season 3, Episode 15 on May 12. What do you think will happen in “Perverse Instantiation – Part One?”

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