Justin Bieber Should See The Shrink — Recent Walk-In-The-Park Episode Reveals Burnout And Depression Combo

For Justin Bieber, all the signs are there. Changing hairdos within a short span of time, having new tattoos done here and there. And most recently, lashing out at fans for always being asked for selfies. It doesn’t take a consummate observer to conclude that the superstar is due for a shrink visit, in case he hasn’t seen one yet.

Beliebers, those die-hard Justin believers, only want their idol to live long and prosper, not die young like James Dean. Justin Bieber just totally lost it one day, as he went through his Purpose World Tour, which is obviously taking a huge toll on the singer and composer.

This is understandable, being constantly under pressure to perform. But maybe Justin Bieber must also realize that he is an incredibly lucky dude. He has the adulation of millions of girls and women around the world. His personal jet plane takes him to wherever he wants to go. Justin Bieber can do anything he wants and buy anything he fancies. Maybe it’s about time he stops to consider that not everybody gets the big breaks that he has been getting, in case he hasn’t done this yet.


Granted, money can’t buy everything. Justin just realized from all that Meet and Greet fiasco that he can’t even get five minutes of talk time with fans before they start snapping his pictures, People reveals. But the truth is, no matter how powerful or successful someone becomes, there’s no way of controlling the behavior of other people. Only despots would want to totally control how others behave around them.

More than any recent antics that he has been into lately, Justin Bieber’s recent walk-in-the-park episode in Boston, the one captured by Daily Mail, says a lot about his recent state of mind.

“Sole searching: Justin Bieber seen wandering around Boston barefoot and feeding squirrels in a city park just days after breaking down in tears on stage.”

Like Richard Gere in the hit movie Pretty Woman, Bieber just decides out of the blue to walk barefoot in the park and feed the squirrels. Lucky for the Gere character in the flick, he has a real human being to turn to, one who will not judge him for what he is.

It’s so ironic that despite all the adulation from pretty women everywhere, Justin is still single and alone. Having a woman by his side will certainly help him deal with the unique demands of instant fame and fortune. He definitely needs someone who will give him a massage or wrap him up in a whole lot of love, the way the Julia Roberts character does in her most famous film. Of course, Justin Bieber can always ask one of his bodyguards to do that for him or otherwise get some other hired help. Still, it’s different when he has someone to do all the caring voluntarily and out of love.

Attention: Selena Gomez, Kourtney Kardashian, Hailey Baldwin, etc. The Biebs is hurting and he needs TLC asap. We don’t think anybody is listening, but it’s worth a try. Ahem, listen, girls. Justin Bieber is really a nice guy, and his mom can attest to that. Justin never forgets about his mom on Mother’s Day. Plus. he thinks he makes a good boyfriend, too. Why the megastar even wrote a song about it.

The bottom line is, success came too quickly for the young man, and he doesn’t know how to handle it. He has a family to turn to, but apparently, that’s not helping him enough right now. Purpose, Justin once said, is a spiritual journey and a search for a better man. There are a lot of issues that he needs to sort out for himself. At the same time, the superstar will need all the professional psychological help that money can buy at this time in his career, especially since his spiritual advisers just don’t seem to be leading Justin Bieber to the right path these days. If they were helping at all, surely, there will be no reason for all the weird behavior he has been exhibiting lately, and that includes petting a tiger.

[Photo by Mat Hayward/Getty Images]